5 Ways to Be a Better Enterpreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’re always moving, you’re always going forward. You’re always looking for the next thing. Instead of moving forward, maybe it’s time to reassess. Before you take the leap to the next big thing, look at your last venture. Was it everything you wanted it to be?

Buying a jetpack may *not* necessarily make you a better entrepreneur

Buying a jetpack may *not* necessarily make you a better entrepreneur

Today, we take a look at 5 ways to be a better entrepreneur.

1. Take a Vacation.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs often take pride in the fact that the don’t take a break. In many cases, they say the don’t NEED one. But, much like the college student who doesn’t need to sleep the night before the exam, this is fundamentally flawed. As an entrepreneur, you may have found a way to monetize your passion. Working may energize you. But, if you take a vacation and give your brain the chance to work on something else, you open your mind to new avenues that are blocked because of where you are and how hard you’re working. Get some sun. Read a book. Let your mind wander and it will make you stronger.

2. Grow your network

Sometimes, small business owners and entrepreneurs take a “Me Against The World” approach to business when that shouldn’t be the case at all. You can find plenty of other people in your same market or field who are friendly to your cause. Go to conferences, find meetup groups, look for people who share your passion. When you grow your network, you grow your resources. And, it’s not bad to have a few people you trust to bounce ideas off of.

3. Upgrade your Tech Knowledge

You have to invest in technology for your business. With so many transactions taking place online and so much word of mouth marketing percolating on the web, you can’t ever be too upgraded. See what other entrepreneurs are doing. Find out what your competitors are up to. If they’ve gone mobile, see if it will work for you. We’ve talked about Square before on this blog, but there are plenty of other upgrades that are handy. Are you on Instagram? Have you tried Vine? Check out some tech websites once a week (like Mashable or WebProNews) to find out what’s catching on and what’s so five minutes ago.

4. Make a Plan

People seem to be conflicted on to-do lists. That’s okay. If a to-do list doesn’t work for you, then find out what does. What I’m saying about making a plan looks like this:

  • Set a goal
  • Brainstorm some ways to get there
  • Figure out if it works

Goals change. Priorities shift. But, if you don’t care which direction the ship is headed, why do you need someone at the helm? Being an entrepreneur isn’t all about the journey; there needs to be a destination. And, it can’t be too vague, either. Being specific helps you get down to business.

5. Hire a CFO

While you might not be able to afford a CFO right off the bat, start thinking about one. As an entrepreneur, your passion isn’t just about the money. You’re trying to make something people need. You’re trying to solve a problem. You’re trying to fill a void. That’s great! Don’t think too much about money when you’re chasing your dream.

But, remember to think a little bit about the money. And, when you can, try to hire someone to think about the money for you. Preferably, someone who isn’t afraid to tell you what, exactly, doesn’t fit in the budget without you throwing him/her out of your office.

Being a successful entrepreneur is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world.

What are some things you’ve done to become a better entrepreneur? Share in the comments!


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  1. I really appreciate the daily advice I get from this Blog. How simple the plan to set a goal make a list and then do it. Very good stuff to bring things into a simple execution plan.

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