Don’t Leave Home Without It: 5 Things an Entrepreneur Must Carry

Entrepreneurs are always on the move. But, when you pack up to run errands, hit that conference, or move to the coffeeshop office, here are some things to make sure you have with you.Leave home

1. Business Cards

Everyone is looking to connect. Sometimes, you’ll meet people in unexpected places. Maybe you found someone interested in your idea standing in line at Starbucks. Maybe you found a graphic designer while waiting in line at the post office. People are everywhere and entrepreneurs are personable. If you’re willing to start up a conversation, you might find the next member of your team. With a business card handy, you can always have that connection available. Digital connections are fine, but they haven’t outpaced the business card yet.

2. Phone Charger

The great thing about smartphones is everything they can do. They are a most versatile tool. But, when they run out of juice, the only thing they’re good for is holding down a piece of paper. Keep a charger with you at all times to keep the juice flowing.

3. Something to read

Whether on your tablet, the paper, or your ereader, the entrepreneur never turns down the chance to stay up to date or learn something new. Take those opportunities wherever you can get them.

4. Headphones

Nothing says “don’t bother me” like headphones. You don’t need to be rude, but sometimes, you need to buckle down and do some work. Being able to pull out a pair of headphones to close off what’s around you can be the thing you need to focus. Always have some ready.

5. A notebook and something to write with

Everyone tries to innovate the note taking process. Voice memos, note-taking apps, the cloud…those processes are great, but nothing beats the notebook. You can speak in your language, don’t have to listen through any ums-and-ahs, and don’t have the risk of forgetting to save your thoughts. Just don’t lose the notebook.

What are some things you never leave home without? Tell us in the comments below!


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