6 Excuses that Don’t Work

You know the old saying about excuses: they stink. Today, I bring you a list of excuses and exactly why you’re not allowed to use them anymore.6 excuses that don't work

1. I don’t have the education.

This is wrong on so many levels. While it seems like a certain level of education is necessary, there’s so much you can learn from digging in and doing it yourself, you can get pretty close. And, unless you’re a dentist, you don’t need your diplomas on the wall. Everything Internet Radio recently interviewed Kyle Eschenroeder about his book Self-Made U. He talks about throwing conventional wisdom out the window and seeking the education method that works for you. Check it out here.

2. I don’t know the right people.

Get online. Join a social network. You already know the people who know people. This excuse usually boils down to having poor followup. What if you really don’t know the right people? Seek them. Find out where the right people hang out and get there. Be yourself with your charming personality. Once people get to know you, don’t be afraid to tell them what you want. You never know who will have that connection that puts you on the path to your next great lead.

3. I can’t afford to take a risk.

If you can’t do it now, you never will. If you truly can’t afford it, then put a plan in place that gets you there. If you use this excuse, you’ll never get off the ground.

4. I don’t know where to start.

This is a great one, because it solves itself. If you don’t know where to begin, you can begin anywhere! Just get started. The plan will fall into place. If it doesn’t, you can figure it out through trial and error.

5. No one cares/no one will buy/I’m afraid of what my customers will think.

All of these have the same root problem: you can’t control what other people will do or think. Here’s a secret (don’t tell):

You never will be able to control what other people do.

If you spend too much time fretting about people not liking you, you’ll get stress eczema and you don’t need me to tell you how unpleasant that is. The only person you can control is you. When EVERYONE reacts badly to a decision, acknowledge it as a mistake and move on.

6. I’m not lucky

As Obi-Wan Kenobi said, “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck.” Whether or not you believe in the concept of luck, using it as an excuse is preposterous. Luck can be balanced with persistence and talent. Don’t use it as an excuse.

What’s your excuse? How do you get over it? Share it in the comments below!


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  1. Great post. This is so true and how many people get out of doing things. If we really want to make something happen, we will go after it. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with everything 🙂

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