Businessman or Entrepreneur?

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between being a businessman and being an entrepreneur? Is it a fine line or is there a solid distinction? Sometimes, it seems like the word “entrepreneur” has been reserved for the young, the hip, the ones who can’t keep a schedule, so they make their own. That’s not exactly the case.

Businessman or Entrepreneur?There are many differences between a businessman and an entrepreneur and, like being an introvert/extrovert, it seems more like a sliding scale than an either/or.

Here are some key differences between the two:

1. An entrepreneur is the life of his business; the business is a a businessman’s life.

Do you ever think, “this job is killing me?” You’re probably a businessman. It’s not to say that a businessman has a soul-crushing job, but the businessman is much more consumed by his job than the entrepreneur. On the reverse, an entrepreneur is often times more energized by his work than drained by it.

2. An entrepreneur takes risks; a businessman plays it safe.

Sometimes, it seems like entrepreneurs are just playing it fast and loose. In reality, they are just more likely to take risks than businessmen. The businessman likes to play it safe. He doesn’t bet too much on an iffy hand.

3. An entrepreneur is an innovator; a businessman uses already established concepts.

This is the big one. While a businessman is just doing business as usual, an entrepreneur is taking his or her concept and running with it. For example, Virgin Airlines. On one hand, it might seem like Richard Branson only wanted to take a slight risk by getting into an already established airline market. However, Virgin Airlines wanted to innovate the way people fly. The difference is, even in an established market, the entrepreneur is trying to change something. A businessman doesn’t try to make it any different.

What do you think is the difference between businessmen and entrepreneurs? Share in the comments below!



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