Get Ready to Dump the “Aspiring”

Do you consider yourself an aspiring entrepreneur? What does that mean to you? Does it mean you’re dipping your toe in the Drop the Aspiringwater or is an excuse that has you stuck in the planning phase?

If you really are aspiring, it means you’re directing your hopes and dreams toward something rather than actually actively pursuing it. In the world of writers, many writers make the mistake of putting the word “aspiring” before the word “writer.” To some, it seems like an insignificant distinction. To others, it makes a world of difference.

So, how do you dump the aspiring?

1. Understand that one idea won’t make or break you.

It’s not about how great one idea is. Like an author doesn’t just write one novel, an entrepreneur doesn’t just have one idea. You need to show you’re in it for the long haul, you aren’t just a flash in the pan. On top of your ideas, you have to add in action. Most entrepreneur sites say great ideas are a dime a dozen. That’s not necessarily true. Sometimes, great ideas are 1 in a million. But, don’t forget, one of the most important parts of the idea is the execution. Don’t let your half-baked idea hold you bake.

2. Don’t worry about traffic.

That can come later. When you still consider yourself an “aspiring” entrepreneur, you need to clear out your idea box for more important things; mainly, a course of action. If you are still “aspiring,” your focus needs to be action, action, action. Instead of traffic, worry about accessibility.

3. Follow your bliss.

If you’re not happy, it shows. Find your happy place because there are trying times ahead. Happiness doesn’t come in a can. You need to find out what will get you through the rough patches and keep it nearby.

4. Embrace failure.

You don’t have the Midas Touch. And, as that fable proved, you don’t want it. You should come to the realization early on that you are going to fail. At some point, things aren’t going to all go your way. Prepare for the eventuality and you’ll be a little better off when the time comes.

You have to start somewhere. Make the decision to dump the aspiring and start on your entrepreneurial journey now.

Do you still consider yourself “aspiring?” What keeps you from taking the leap? Share in the comments below.


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