What’s in a Name – Picking the Name for Your Startup

You have an idea. Not just an idea, but a Big Idea. Now, all you have to do is choose a name for your startup. Should be easy, How to name your businessright? Not necessarily. Picking the right name for your startup might not make or break you, but it could make a significant impact on how people find and interact with your business.

How to pick the perfect name? Here are some tips:

– Don’t blindly type in domain names and hope you hit something that no one bought yet. Find your name and think about how people are going to find you. In this day and age, people don’t really type URLs and domain names directly. They Google search it. Your website will be helped more by keywords than a clever domain name, so don’t base it on a URL.

– Do try to be creative. Think of your company as a brand. What do you do? What do you stand for? What’s your story? Try to do some free association. If finding your name is part of your story, that’s something you can include when talking with potential clients, customers, and investors. If you made a connection, they will, too.

– Do look at other examples. Apple? Pretty straight forward. Just a simple word. And, the Macintosh springs from the concept almost organically (where’s my Granny Smith computer?). Tumblr? Lemon.ly? These are getting a little creative. Sometimes, adding an extra letter can make all the difference, like Digg.

– Do consider two syllables. Here’s something a little off-topic: do you know you should name your pet something with two syllables? Why? Because most commands are single syllables (sit, come, stay). For business, two syllable names for your company are attention grabbing. Also, putting two single syllable words together can open you up to a clearer message.

– Don’t get too cerebral. This isn’t about the big picture of your idea. Your are giving your idea a label. If you do make a connection in free association, make sure it’s a connection that people can make. Not one that requires a degree to understand.

Have you picked a name for your business? Tell us what you did in the comments below!


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