You’re the Boss! Tips on Being a Great Head Honcho

As the captain of your small business, or the head entrepreneur, or the guy with the original idea, you’re going to end up at the top of the heap. That’s great! But, what if you weren’t prepared to be a leader.Tips on being a good boss

We got you covered.

Be an example

As an entrepreneur, you’re living out your dream and that’s bound to make you feel happy and excited. That’s great! But, make sure you don’t lose sight of your professionalism. You can make sure everyone’s having fun while still taking things seriously. If you have a tough time finding the balance, error on the side of serious. It’s harder to put the genie back in the bottle.

Be prepared

Nothing says “I don’t know what I’m doing” quite like being unprepared. If you’re new to whole “I’m the boss” thing, you might be unprepared a lot. How do you fix this? Most of these issues can be solved with organization. If you have your calendar up to date and everything where it should be, you can give people the appearance of preparedness. Also, it’s good to be organized anyway.

Don’t be “too busy”

You want to develop a trusting relationship with your employees and being too busy for them doesn’t help. You want to make yourself available, so people know they can come to you with problems, issues, and questions. Make sure people see you around. Go grab coffee. Stop and chat a little bit. Don’t force interaction, but don’t discourage it, either. Again, there’s a fine line here. You are busy. You have a lot of balls in the air. But, being a trusted boss is another ball in the rotation. Don’t forget that one’s up there.

Trust your employees

Have you ever been in a situation where the boss doesn’t trust you to get things done? It feels like they’re always looking over your shoulder to the point where you wonder why they just didn’t do it themselves. It doesn’t work as a management style. You can’t keep watching people like a hawk. Give them some room. Some people may need more guidance than others. Give it some time to figure out which people need a daily reminder and which people just want to work quietly.

Give back

Tell your employees when they’ve done a good job. Tell them in front of clients and customers. Let them know they are valued. It seems like an easy thing to do, but when you’re busy and stressed and have a million projects you’re waiting on, this is one of the things that falls by the wayside. Don’t forget to be encouraging.

Have you had a bad boss experience? What did they need to change? How did your best boss operate? Share in the comments!


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