4 Things to Leave Out of Your Email Marketing

Studies consistently show that, despite Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, email marketing is definitely something you need in Things to Leave Out of Your Email Marketingyour social media marketing wheelhouse. There are plenty of things to consider: how often do I email? What do I include?

The basics are these: be informative, be brief, don’t be afraid to fail.

While you still have to find the right blend for your company, here are some things best left on the cutting room floor:

1. The formalities.

As most writers know, when you’re writing, you’ve skip the empty dialogue. Imagine your favorite movie. Now imagine every time a character meets another they stop and small talk.

Hey, how are you?

Not bad. You?

Well, I’m fighting this bad guy and I could really use your help.

That’s great. How are the kids?

It slows everything down. Don’t include it in your email. Your customers know who you are. You’re better off starting with something a little more eye-catching. If you’ve ever gotten an email from ThinkGeek, they know their audience and their subject lines reflect that. If you know your customers, you can pique their interest without trying to lure them in with empty formalities.

2. Name autofill.

Technology can be a powerful thing. And, the name autofill may seem like it’s personalizing the experience but guess what? We’re on to you. Having a name autofill feels condescending. We know you didn’t personalize this email.

However, you can and should use a name when communicating with a customer for something specific. Nothing says “We Care” like a customer ID number. No, wait, the other thing. It says “We Don’t Care.” In the age of the Internet, going the extra mile for customer service always pays off down the line.

3. A mass of pictures.

Pictures make a lot of things better. Someone some time said a picture is worth a thousand words. Wonderful! But, it also takes time to download. If you are relying on pictures in your emails to get a point across, you’re going to start losing people. Email is so accessible now, you have to keep in mind different devices with different download speeds will be accessing the information. You can put picture into your email, but don’t have them convey the most important information. Make sure everything you need to say is in the text already so the picture is a nice, refreshing visual aid as opposed to a necessity.

4. The kitchen sink.

It may sound obvious, but keep it brief. Even your most die-hard fans and customers don’t want to read every little detail about your company. If you run a lot of deals, great! Find out your top sellers and best deals, and put those in your email with a link to the rest of the deals. If you have a lot of news to fill in your newsletter, see if you can hold some stories over for a later date that is a little less news-heavy. If you’re still having trouble, call in your team and have them help you narrow it down to the top three stories. Include links. If someone is truly interested in a specific story, they can find out more with a click of a button.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with your newsletters. Try different writers. Experiment with sending it to friends and family. Get some feedback. You don’t have to go into an email newsletter blind. Asking for feedback can make all the difference.

Have you experimented with email newsletters and deals? How has it worked for you? What do you want to try differently? Tell us in the comments!


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