Presentation Techniques for the Entrepreneur

If you have a small business or are gearing up for your startup, chances are you’re going to be making a presentation or two. Presentation Techniques for the EntrepreneurWhether you’re talking to your new employees, or pitching your idea to investors, you’ll have to dust off that visual aid and get out those note cards.

Some things, people have been telling you since you learned how to use PowerPoint, like don’t read your presentation word for word. Here are some lesser known tips that will make your presentation a success.

1. Sit by the projection screen.

To often, the presenters stand by the projectors. This is weird for people watching the presentation. Do they look at the screen and turn around when you’re talking? Or look at you and wait for you to reference the scree? Cut out the confusion and stand by the screen so you and your aid are both the same focal point.

2. Mix up your guests.

Unless you have a meeting set up in Japan, you don’t want everyone from your company on one side of the table and everyone else on the other. By mixing things up, you can get people talking and it doesn’t seem so much like an “us vs. them” situation. Everyone should relax a little more. While it won’t make the meeting more informal, it might help it feel that way.

3. Work it.

Work the room. Talk to everyone. Open up yourself and be ready to engage. You might want to fixate on your big investor, but don’t think of it as trying to land a fish. You don’t have to concentrate on that one person. There are other fish in the room that may be just as valuable.

4. Keep it on the screen

If you have a handout, pamphlet, brochure, or pitch packet you made, that’s great and will probably be helpful. After the presentation. Don’t hand out anything to your guests before you start talking because it will pull focus from you and your presentation. The presentation is a time to focus on you and what your saying. Later, they can take a look at your packet. Keep the eyes on you.

If you do have slides, a backup might be to hand them out as you present them. However, you really want people engaged with you, not a piece of paper.

What presentations tips do you have? Are there any presentation habits that need to go away? Share them with us here!


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  1. Top article, great points. However I have to confess – it’s the photograph that really won me! Lol! Classic! Every public speaker’s nightmare.

  2. I have made all the mistakes discussed at some point or another. I agree the photo makes the case. One thing I would add, learn to read your audience.

  3. Mark MacGregor

    Great advice. I love the part about standing at the front of the room by the screen, that would really help direct the focus and control the room. Also be sure to have a good speaker. Always take your own and make sure it works. Many conference rooms are not set-up with good audio. And your laptop audio will not cut it. It makes a huge difference to be able to hear the audio clearly and not have people straining to hear it. Or have to spend time apologizing for it.

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