Pass it On: A few things you can delegate right now to free up your time

Entrepreneurs are always working and working hard. But, what if I told you, you don’t have to work so hard? I know, I know it sounds crazy. Here’s what the secret is: Trust your employees.A few things you can delegate right now to free up your time

You may be afraid to relinquish control, but here are some things you should definitely consider taking off your plate and handing to someone else:

1. Social Media

It’s no great secret to say that social media can be a huge time suck. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, that means that it can take a lot of time and that time can get away from you. For most companies and especially new companies, the social media component of their marketing department can make or break them. Don’t be afraid to hire someone specifically responsible for all things social media.

2. Customer Service

This isn’t too far from social media. You don’t want to distance yourself from your customers. But, you also have a lot of things to do. Get someone to handle customer service. This will help you because it’s fewer things that you need to deal with and, better yet, you won’t accidentally lose customer correspondents.

3. Number Crunching

You may be the greatest business person in the world, but you don’t need to sit around and keep the books all day. When you have someone who can focus completely on one task, you are less likely to make mistakes. Go ahead and give someone you trust the ability to keep your books for you.

4. IT

Another time suck. Updating software and staying on top of your tech is an epic task. If you have someone who can take care of IT, give them the chance. It will keep you ahead of any updates or upgrades before you have a chance to fall behind.

It may not seem like a lot in a blog post, but handing out these responsibilities can make all the difference in the world. What did you delegate? What have you been able to give away in order to save some time to get down to business? Share in the comments!


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