Get Ahead in Your Job Search

Searching and applying for jobs can be a full time job in and of itself. If you’re entering the job market, you know it isn’t the easiest place to be.

So many things can go wrong, so why not stay ahead with a few of our tips and tricks.Get Ahead in Your Job Search

1. Sleep it off

Remember to get a lot of sleep. Like I said above, searching and applying for jobs is like a full time job itself. And, let’s face it, if you’re like most Americans, you don’t get enough sleep on a good day. So, if you land that interview, make sure you rest up.

2. Prepare your questions

You should always have a list of questions ready to go and definitely have some for the end of the interview. Have more than you need, given that there’s a chance some of the questions will be answered during the interview process. It might seem sneaky, but having questions shows you how much you care about getting the position. Once you land that interview, you have time to do your research. Take some notes. Prepare.

3. Stay up to date

It might seem obvious, but some people show up to their interviews with out-of-date resumes. Or, they sent out-of-date resumes to get the job and show up with up-to-date ones. If you get an interview within a month of applying, you shouldn’t have any changes on the resume. The copy you bring should match the copy you applied with.

Also, if you plan on using your LinkedIn profile to help you land the job (which you certainly should), don’t forget to keep that up-to-date as well. Now that your colleagues have the opportunity to endorse you, it can be a great way to show off recommendations without having to ask someone for a letter.

4. Don’t lie

A lot of people misrepresent themselves in a job interview and often pass it off as ‘everybody lies.’ Except, nowadays, you can get a whole lot easier. Besides, it’s just a bad idea.

5. Prepare

Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, you should have some understanding of what they want to hear. What was your customer service experience? Think about some specific incidents where you helped a customer, or calmed a customer, or got a customer to yes. For a social media coordinator, how have you built a social platform for someone? If you are just starting out, how have you built your own social network? Be ready with specifics, because chances are, they will ask.

Do you have any tips for the job search? How have you nailed the interview? Share in the comments below.


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