Make it Stick: Tips on making your website more sticky

You have a website. Now what? One of the things that helps with your website traffic is making your site sticky. A sticky Make it Stick: Tips on making your website more stickywebsite is a site that visitors want to stay on and explore. A sticky website helps your traffic numbers. If people are only on your site for 30 seconds, you aren’t going to get a very good reach. Sticky websites are shared more often then websites that aren’t.

Here are some tips to keep your traffic on your site.

1. Experiment

Not everyone wants to sit and read articles all day. One of the ways to keep people looking is by varying the way you deliver the information. On our site, we try to bring you video, infographics, and other text based posts to deliver information in different ways. If you have interviews or product spotlights, those are other ways to display things to your customers.

2. Make it pretty

How readable are your text posts? If you have one big chunk of text, people aren’t going to stick around. You need to break it up to promote readability. Make it look good.

3. Actionable

You’re not just looking for visitors, you want to encourage engagement. At the end of your posts, include something that calls for a response. Not everyone is going to respond to the prompt, but some might answer the call to action.

4. Include related posts and internal links

If someone is using a service like StumbleUpon or comes across a link that was shared on Twitter or Facebook, chances are they didn’t find your website from the front page. If you’ve talked about a specific topic in your blog, make sure you link in the post to the previous post. A related post widget should be able to grab other posts based on similar keywords that lets your visitors find similar content throughout your site. If you are talking about a product or service, link to a page where you can purchase that product or service or find out more.

How long do people spend on your website? What have you done to make it sticky? Share in the comments below.


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