5 Ways to Get to Yes: How to Nail the Approach

As an entrepreneur or small business owner, you’re always pitching, always selling, always ready to take advantage of the 5 Ways to Get to Yes: How to Nail the Approachopportunity. Not every attempt will be successful, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. Maybe you need to change your tactics in getting to that yes.

Whether investor, influencer, or customer, these tips will help you get to yes with whoever you’re talking to.

1. Tighten it up

How are you representing yourself? Does it look sharp, tight, and put together? This doesn’t just mean you need to get your suit fitted before you go into your next meeting (though you should definitely do that, too). Check your website. How does it look? Is it extremely outdated? Websites and social media are becoming more and more important as a representation of your company. Just like you spend time on your own appearance, spend some time on the appearance of everything else. Trust me. People will check.

2. Build credibility

Google yourself. What comes up? Does it show who’ve you’ve worked with? Does it show the kind of people you’ve worked with? Can you get a bead on your reputation based on your results? Unless there’s a specific non-disclosure agreement, you should be proud of the people you’ve worked with and for. Don’t hide your clients. Don’t hide your reviews. Use other people to build your credibility so you can prove you are respected in your field.

3. You are not alone

Cold calls are hard and networking can only take you so far. You need to start with your immediate network. Break down your immediate contacts and see if you can take them out to dinner or drinks. If they can’t help you, maybe they can help you brainstorm.

4. Ask

I know this seems pretty obvious, but sometimes, people have a hard time saying yes if there’s no question. Be specific about what you’re requesting. Don’t just ask for money, ask for an amount. Don’t just ask for a referral, ask them what they thought about you and where they would be willing to share it. Giving people a call to action isn’t just lip service. Sometimes, you need to lay out exactly what they’re saying yes to.

5. Use everything

You can reach pretty much anyone these days. Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, or website, you should be able to find the people you want to talk to. If you aren’t on these platforms, you should consider getting up to date with them. It’s not just a place for people to socialize casually. Business contacts can be made on any platform nowadays. You need to be ready to jump across the board. And, because some of these social networking sites are less formal, you might have a little bit of a better shot.

But, be aware of who you target. You don’t want to be pitching Richard Branson over Twitter. It will just make you look bad.

What are your tips to get to yes? Have you found something that absolutely DOESN’T work? Share in the comments!


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