5 More Ways to Get to Yes

In our last post, we talked about five ways to get to yes. Those definitely aren’t the only ways. If you’re out there pitching, you know it’s not easy to get noticed by the top influencers without a little something extra.5 More Ways to Get to Yes

So, here is our list of a little something extra that just might get you over the “no” hump.

1. Make friends with the assistant

Top influencers are busy people and often have someone running their daily schedule. If you get a meeting, take a minute to chat up the assistant. That way, when you have a follow-up call or meeting, the assistant remembers you and might bump you to the top of the queue. Also, the assistant might move to a new office or job that puts him/her in a decision making position and he/she remembers you there. Regardless, treat the assistant like you would want to be treated. He’s someone, too.

2. Pay for the best

Depending on who you’re trying to reach, there are services out there that can get you to the right people. Or, in this case, the person’s right person. Services like WhoRepresents.com and IMDBPro are paid subscriptions, but they give you agent/manager contacts for you to get in touch with the right people.

3. Keep it short

You should know the term elevator pitch already. It’s the pitch that shouldn’t last more than an elevator ride. You should have a 5-10 minute pitch down pat. You need to practice it. You need to make it look spontaneous and energetic. No matter when your meeting is scheduled, you shouldn’t be taking an overlong time pitching. Keep it short and to the point.

4. Say it to a face

Over the phone and on a social network are both good ways to start an initial connection, but the best way to get to a yes is by asking face-to-face. If you can get from a screen to a face-to-face, do it. It will make getting to yes that much easier.

5. Reasonable expectations

Besides carefully thinking about what you ask for, you need to also dump any sense of entitlement. If you done something for someone, consider it paying it forward. Don’t expect to get something back in return.

How have you gotten to yes? Share in the comments below!


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