The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Time Management

Entrepreneurship and procrastination don’t go together, but, let’s face it, procrastinators can be entrepreneurs, too. As an The Entrepreneur's Guide to Time Managemententrepreneur, something is always vying for your attention. You need to be alert to stay on top of your busy schedule.

Whether you’re a procrastinator or just have too many thing vying for your attention, here are some tips to stay on top of your busy schedule.

1. Make priorities

Not all tasks are created equal. Right off the bat, you should have a to-do list. It doesn’t take too much time to create a list of things to do. Next, figure out which of those tasks are most important. Again, this shouldn’t be too hard. Stay on top of your deadlines and time-sensitive tasks. Put those at the top of your list.

2. Put priorities first

While putting priorities first seems pretty self-explanatory, here’s what we suggest: put them at the beginning of the week. When you walk into the office on Monday, you should have a list ready to go. This gets the ball rolling right at the start of the week. This should help you pick up and keep momentum going for the rest of day, if not give you a big push for the week.

If you have something with a deadline at the beginning of the week, you should have tackled it a week ago. Staying on top of your tasks will make you a more successful entrepreneur.

3. Do it every day

There’s a theory that says if you do something for 30 days, it becomes habit-forming.

Form a habit.

If you work on managing your tasks every week and setting those priorities, pretty soon, it will become second nature.

4. Write it out

You’re probably a fast typer. Nowadays, the entrepreneur is used to dashing off a response on a keyboard. Take a minute and write things down by hand. This will give you a chance to think about what you write before ink hits paper. Also, in ink, things seem more permanent. You might wait a minute before you mis-prioritize something. Writing it out helps keep you focused and on the ball.

What are some of your time-management techniques? What hasn’t worked for you? Share in the comments below!


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