Tips on Accomplishing Entrepreneur Goals

Being able to set a goal is an important skill, but the most important part is being able to accomplish that goal.  Working to that end is what sets the entrepreneur apart.Tips on Accomplishing Entrepreneur Goals

Here are some tips on not only setting your goals, but accomplishing them.

1. Work backwards

Think of a long-term goal and write it on a piece of paper. That’s just the beginning. Now, it’s time to work back from the goal. First, think of a few milestones that will help you lead to that goal. Then, lists the tasks that will get you to those milestones. Everything needs to be broken down into bitesize chunks.

2. Set a calendar.

Now that everything’s broken down, you need to put things on a schedule. Make sure you share that schedule with the team. If your management style is a little loose, you can put things on a timetable that isn’t too rigid. Whenever a task is accomplished, take note. Whenever you reach a milestone, get excited and celebrate somehow.

3. Destroy distraction

Some people think that entrepreneurs are good because they are excellent multi-taskers. However, studies show that multi-tasking is a deception. Instead of accomplishing multiple things at once, you end up doing a lackluster job across the board. Sit down and focus up. It’s part of managing your time. Eliminate those distractions that keep you from doing one task at a time.

4. Work in intervals

Intense brain function lasts only between 60-90 minutes before it needs a recharge. Taking a break after a 60-90 minute to grab a snack or go for a quick walk will help you with that recharge. Plan your schedule accordingly.

5. Don’t have a back-up plan

A back-up plan is there to make you feel better, but it’s also there to make you lazy. If you charge into projects without a back-up plan, you realize you need to sink or swim on the way to your goals. Map out a plan beforehand and stick to that plan. If it doesn’t work, you can create a new one when the need arises. Don’t sell yourself short.

What motivates you to accomplish your goals as an entrepreneur? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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