How to take an Entrepreneur’s Vacation

The entrepreneur works non-stop. Let’s put the kibosh on that.How to take an Entrepreneur's Vacation

If you’re an entrepreneur that really needs or deserves some time off, but you just can’t bear stepping away from the desk, here are a few ways to get you out of the office:

1. Make it short

Baby steps. Take a three day weekend. It’s not that big of a commitment, just an extra day tacked on to the weekend. The important thing is that it’s a step in the right direction. An extra day will get you some recharge time. It will also get you in the habit of taking some time for yourself.

2. Make it tax deductible

Going to a conference might still be considered work, but you’re also getting the same benefits you get from taking a vacation. You’re out of town and you’re using a different part of your brain to learn instead of manage. You’ll make some connections with your fellow professionals. This kind of vacation will help you recharge and is beneficial to your business contacts.

3. Set up your traveling office

I worked as an intern with a television producer and when she went on a production shoot in Canada, she asked us to copy all the files in her office and mail them to her. Imagine if she had a set up that was either digital or already organized rather than something that turned into a mad scramble and ultimately missed documents.

You can take a vacation with the caveat of being reachable. Instead of copying your full office, set up a traveling office. Scan, copy, file everything you think you’re going to need while you’re on the road. If you come across something you forget, have someone in the office find it and copy it for you. With current technology, you can carry everything you need on a laptop.

4. Don’t plan it.

Take a road trip. Stop when you feel like it. Just go. If you stay loose with a plan, you have time to let your mind wander. Down time can be the best time for entrepreneurs to really let their minds open and solve those problems that have been bugging them.

Vacation is not a four letter word. Taking time off is important to you and your business. How do you justify your vacation time? Tell us in the comments!


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