4 Ways to Motivate your Employees

Working in the small business/entrepreneurial field, there are definitely going to be some lean times. You might not be able to doll out those Christmas bonuses or give your employees the pay raise they deserve.4 Ways to Motivate your Employees

However, this doesn’t mean you can’t motivate your employees with other means. Here are some of our top ways to motivate employees when you can’t do it with money:

1. Don’t be stingy with praise.

Sometimes, we can be so focused on our goal and whether or not we’re making good time that we forget the path and milestones we’ve already come across. After doing something good, the entrepreneur tends to say, “I’m not there yet.” But, just because you’re pushing yourself hard and holding yourself to a higher (often impossible) standard doesn’t mean you should expect the same from your employees. They have their own goals and their own lives. When they do a good job, congratulate them. They are your wingmen on your entrepreneurial journey. Let them know you appreciate them having your back.

2. Get rid of the man in charge.

Sometimes, in cases where there are project managers and supervisors, there can be an us vs. them mentality that develops in the ranks. Is “the man” bringing your employees down? Get rid of him. Try to put all your employees on the same level. This will foster team work. And while not every idea is a good one, teams are more likely to work that out on their own and improve over time if there isn’t an overlord trying to steer.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Some projects absolutely NEED managers. So, when trying to run a new project without a manger, make sure that’s the best project to do it with.

3. Give out recognition and rewards.

Okay, so we talked about the lack of funds thing. But, remember, not all rewards are monetary. Recognizing an employee in front of other employees is good for everyone. And it just might make you feel good, too. I’ve never been a big proponent of the employee of the month. While it’s a small crime of recognition, because it’s done monthly diminishes it over time. Think of unique and one-of-a-kind ways to recognize your employees.

If you’re looking for some more information on employee recognition, check out this interview with Brian Dodds of Recognition Professionals International.

4. Share the disappointment

It’s great to celebrate the triumphs, but don’t ignore your defeats. Without being a downer, try to foster some transparency between the CEO and the employees. You don’t want to hide things from your coworkers. At the risk of being a cliche, you need to know your lows so you can reach your highs.

What are some ways you motivate your employees? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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