The Entrepreneur’s Toolkit: Skills you Should Know to be a Top Entrepreneur

The Entrepreneur's Toolkit: Skills you Should Know to be a top EntrepreneurEntrepreneurs have a certain attitude. They approach situations with a “get it done” air that helps drive them to success. There are plenty of other traits that entrepreneurs share, but those aren’t the key to success.

Here are our top five skills every entrepreneur should know:

1. Powerpoint

As much as people want to say that Powerpoint is outdated, it’s still the best presentation aid out there. And, if you get past all those bad presentations you had in high school, you might be able to see it’s potential. Take some time to get familiar with the program to see exactly how far it can go. You might be surprised.

You’re going to be making presentations. While you might be the entrepreneur dead set against the Powerpoint approach, there will be investors, board members, and others that insist on seeing it in on screen. Don’t be out of the loop.

2. Photoshop

Sometimes you need a graphic, you need it fast, and you need it cheap. Nowadays, you can find Photoshop tutorials for pretty much anything you want to do online. Trim down the costs of having a graphic designer by learning the basics yourself.

3. Excel

I’m not just talking about the simple fill-in-the-blank Excel. I’m talking about using the equations for budgeting and finance. You can keep track and crunch a lot of your numbers before tax season, keep track of shipments. In general, it will help you stay organized. Excel has other features, like creating graphs out of the data you enter, which, again, can be an important visual tool in the future.

4. Photography

This is more important if you have a product to sell. Hiring a professional photographer is always a possibility, but you work under a few caveats. You have to work with their schedule, you have to pay for the time, and you have to pay for the shots. It’s not cheap. Why not cut out the middle man and do it yourself?

There are also plenty of stock photo sites out there that you can get content from. Your website and promotional materials need to have a strong visual element. Don’t go cheap.

5. WordPress

WordPress is amazing. It is an easy, efficient way to make your own website. Whether using or, you are going to be able to get your business online for low-cost. And, it will look good.

As with Photoshop, has a huge forum full of people who have done what you’re trying to do. You can use their advice to get your website to look exactly the way you want it. Plus, you don’t need to rely on a third party programmer to make any changes that need to be made.

What do you think is essential for entrepreneurs?


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