Tactics Entrepreneurs Should Adopt

We’ve given you advice on the habits of highly efficient entrepreneurs. Tactics Entrepreneurs Should Adopt

Here are some more habits to adopt to keep your startup up and running.

1. Keep your integrity

You’re going to be networking a lot, which means you are the face of your own company. Don’t ignore your integrity. You are a representative of your business, but you’re also a representative of yourself. Don’t let the brand take you over.

2. Keep your focus

Entrepreneurs are multitaskers. It’s unavoidable. But, the three jobs done by the the multitasker aren’t always done as well as someone who focuses on each job one at a time. If something comes up that you need to get done right the first time, shut the door to the office and focus on the task at hand. You might be done faster than you thought.

3. Be a resource

Hoarding your knowledge like a dragon in a cave doesn’t let anyone see how fantastic the treasure actually is. When networking with people, you can afford to be a resource. Share the wealth of your knowledge and consider it an investment.

4. Volunteer

Entrepreneurs spend so much time on their work, they forget to get out of their own minds. Why is that a problem? There are hundreds of examples of how a problem was solved when someone got out of a situation and let their mind wander. Also, to piggyback off tactic #3, volunteering is another way to show your expertise and be a resource. It also promotes your visibility and you never know who you will meet and connect with.

5. Show your gratitude

If you have clients or customers who are regulars, make sure to thank them. Make an effort to know their names. Flag their emails and communiques as important so you don’t miss anything. Don’t pelt them with surveys and calls for feedback; rather, send a thank you or a coupon. Let your customers know you appreciate them.

What are some tactics and habits you’ve tried to maintain as an entrepreneur? Share them in the comments below.


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  1. Great article! We engage in honesty, and we always try to over-deliver (although not necessarily under-promise).
    We definitely agree about being a resource. We have a resource page on our website (http://suttoncreativestudios.com/resources/), and many times clients will ask us to perform the services they were curious about rather than do the services themselves.

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