Ways the Entrepreneur can Stay Focused

Every entrepreneur is busy. You’re dealing with starting, growing, and running a business. With all Ways the Entrepreneur can Stay Focusedthese things going on, it’s hard to sit down and focus on each task individually. We’ve got some tips and tricks that will keep you in your seat and help you power through every task.

1. Sign out

Unless you work on the Internet, you need to turn it off while you’re working. You’re going to want to turn off your access to Facebook. Don’t check personal emails. You should have an email for work that you don’t use for personal reasons. The Internet is a useful tool, but also a big distraction. Get rid of it.

2. Be prepared

Before you start a task, take a minute to prepare yourself. Get everything in order. Find the paperwork you’ll need. Get everything in order. Even when you aren’t trying to focus on the task at hand, you should still try to keep everything organized. It will only make things easier down the roa.

3. Structure

If you’re going to turn off the Internet in order to focus on work, delineate a specific time to turn it back on and check your email, or messages, or other things you need to be aware. Try to take your lunch the same time each day. Pay attention to the clock and build a framework around it. A routine can be dull and boring. But, it can also help you focus.

Consider developing a free form routine; more zone defense than man-to-man coverage. Figure out a time for certain tasks and stick to it.

4. Segment you space

Working from home has been a growing trend in the last few years. If you have your a home office setup, you need to move it somewhere away from the bedroom and the TV room. If you don’t have a separate office space, you should use something like the dining room, away from the TV and the comfort of your favorite easy chair.

How do you stay productive? What’s your number 1 distraction at work? Share in the comments!


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