5 Reasons your Startup should Hire a Recent Grad

The job market isn’t doing great. For recent grads, finding a job is hard. Finding a job that leads 5 Reasons your Startup should Hire a Recent Graddown a solid career path is even harder. More and more grads are going from college back to their parents’ house. Recently, the big trend has been grads starting their own business.

Before you throw out that resume because it lacks experience, take a moment to consider these reasons you should hire a recent grad:

1. They will learn and they will learn fast

If you get a college grad fresh from commencement, you’re getting an eager learner who is ready to start life as an adult. They are young and they are just coming out of an institution that was promoting learning. When you get them in the trenches, they will still be in the learning mindset.

This isn’t to say that you need to hover over them and be their mentor. What it does mean is that when you correct something they did wrong, they won’t do it wrong again. When you ask them to find a new way to do something, they’ll research and work hard.

This is especially valuable in a startup where people need to wear many hats and do multiple jobs. You’ll have someone who can handle the load and adapt.

2. They’ll socialize

Young employees don’t necessarily have the same burden as older employees. They won’t have the family, they won’t have the mortgage, and, they’ll spend time socializing outside the office. It’s not an exaggeration to say young people have more energy. When they talk with each other, they’ll talk about the job and spread the word.

3. You give them room to grow

The promise of growth is a great motivator. When you have a startup, growth of an individual job is often linked to the growth of the company. They’ll be able to see in real time that their work is paying off. When you invest in them, they will invest in you.

4. Hours are flexible

Like I said before, recent grad employees don’t have the same obligations as older employees. Their work hours can be different than the 9 to 5. Find out what their best work times are and let them work those hours. You can get them at their most productive .

5. Technology

You can’t let a misunderstanding of technology hold your business back. Recent grads know their tech. That’s not to say that you need to put them on your biggest tech-heavy jobs, but they will be faster at learning new systems. They also understand the nature of social media and communication better.

What are your top reasons for hiring a recent grad? Are you a recent grad that chose to join a startup? Tell us about your experience in the comments!


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