5 Mistakes Entrepreneur Bosses Should Avoid

5 Mistakes Entrepreneur Bosses Should AvoidTraditionally, the entrepreneur has been painted as a lone wolf, struggling to make it in the economic wilderness. He’s innovative, he’s smart, and he’s all alone. The problem is: once an entrepreneur starts to see some success, he/she gains a team of employees to help with that struggle.

If you’re an entrepreneur who has suddenly had employees thrust upon you, here are some mistakes you need to avoid:

1. A failure to communicate

The entrepreneur is used to being alone and can forget that when faced with employees. A communication gap forms. If you’ve only been communicating with yourself, trying to pass your vision on to your team isn’t easy. Don’t assume your employees know what you’re thinking. Take a moment to make sure everyone is on the same page before proceeding.

2. Failure to delegate

One of the traits of the entrepreneur is the “get things done” attitude. Unfortunately, when employees enter into the equation, an entrepreneur can have a hard time passing on the duties they would rather take upon themselves. Remember: your employees are there to help you get things done. Give them a task to complete and be clear on what it is and when it needs to be done.

3. Failure to set goals

You set goals for yourself. Why not set goals for your employees? This is a good way to get to know them and their work habits. Why did they join your company? Where do they see it going? What are their personal goals? This gives you an opportunity to bridge the communications gap. Set goals with your employees. When they have something to aspire to with you, you strengthen the team dynamic.

4. Failure to recognize achievements

Once you set goals with your employees, make sure you recognize and praise them when they hit those goals. Not every reward needs to be a monetary one. Sometimes saying, “good job” to someone in front of everyone else is all you need. The important thing is that you acknowledge the good work that your employees are doing. For many entrepreneurs, their success is it’s own reward, but it doesn’t work that way for your employees.

5. Failure to have fun

A new study shows that happy workplaces are crucial to an effective staff. We’re not saying through a party every Friday, but let people decorate their office spaces. Let people take their lunch breaks together. Don’t flip out if they spend a little extra time chatting at the coffee pot. That little extra time makes the workplace not so stiff and formal. Your employees will reward you for that extra time.

What did you wish you’d known when you transitioned from entrepreneur to boss? Leave it in the comments below!


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