How to be a Good Networker

All entrepreneurs know the importance of networking. You have to put yourself out there and become a How to be a Good Networkerresource in order to make connections that will help advance you and your business. However, the more introverted entrepreneurs might think they are at a disadvantage. For the introvert, networking doesn’t come as naturally as it does to the extrovert. Becoming a good networker isn’t rocket science.

Here are our tips and tricks to get you to the top of the networking game:

1. Remember names

Sometimes, networking events will require people to wear name tags, but you shouldn’t count on it. However you remember a name, start employing that practice when you meet new people. Introduce yourself. Repeat their name back to them. Figure out a way to keep the names and faces matched. Being able to call someone by their name gives you an advantage. It means you took the time to seek them out. If you remember them, they’ll make more of an effort to remember you.

2. Don’t connect with everyone

There’s a lot of weight attached networking events. Calm down. It’s okay if you don’t get everyone’s business card. If you are in the middle of a great conversation, don’t worry about finding a new one. Connecting with a few of the right people is better than connecting with a lot of the wrong people. Quality over quantity.

3. Don’t fake it

Not everyone can be the most interesting man in the world. On the same token, you don’t need to spend too much time with people you aren’t engaging with. I’m not saying they’re boring…but if you can join in a conversation that you’re genuinely excited about, you will be more memorable than someone passively listening to a story they aren’t interested in.

4. Smile

I know. Sounds obvious, right? Wrong. When networking, some people are too focused on information, recall, pitch, sales numbers, hotel check-in, flight info, etc. to actually let human emotion show on their face. Be in the moment. Be human.

Those are some of our top tips on being a good networker. What’s worked for you? How do you stay engaged? Let us know in the comments below!


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