4 Tips to Stay Motivated Over the Holidays

Thanksgiving is a few days away and you’re ready to bust out of the office and head for the feast. We 4 Tips to Stay Motivated Over the Holidaysknow it’s tough to stay focused when football, parades, and turkey are on the horizon. You’ll have plenty of time for feasting. In the meantime, here are some ways to stay motivated over the next few days.

1. Set a schedule

If you’re heading out of town for the holidays, you’re going to want to set a schedule. When are you going to pack? When are you leaving? When do you get back? These things might seem self-explanatory, but too often, people forget to give themselves time limits and goals.

On the work side, you should be setting a schedule in the office. When are you going to leave? When do you need to have that report done so it doesn’t interfere with your vacation schedule? As long as you stay on top of everything, you can zero in on your to-do list and get it done on time.

2. Block it out

No, not distractions. Your time. Plan to work in 60-90 minute blocks. After that, get up and take a quick walk, refill your coffee, dance a little. Whatever it takes to get your head back in the game. You’ll be refreshed for the next time block.

3. Prioritize

Let’s face it: some things won’t get done before Turkey Day. Before you get to deep in your task list, make sure you’ve set your priorities. There are definitely things that need to be done before the holidays. Make sure you pick out those tasks and get to work.

4. Turn off your phone

There isn’t going to be an emergency. And, if there is, you’ll be able to turn your phone back on when that 60 minute time block is over. Nothing says distraction like your husband, wife, or kids calling you all day to ask about holiday plans, or tell you what they want from Santa. Remember, a lot of kids have the whole week off as opposed to just a few days. If you find yourself checking your phone every few minutes, turn it off.

Those are our tips on staying motivated over the holidays. You can also use them to stay motivated every other time of year. How do you stay focused at work? Share your tips in the comments below!


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