Top 6 Social Networks for Entrepreneurs

Top 6 Social Networks for EntrepreneursThese days, it seems there’s a social network for everything, and maybe there is. The entrepreneur spends most of his/her time working and it might seem like there isn’t any time for social networking. If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner, have you considered looking for a social network catering specifically to you?

1. Inspiration Entrepreneur

Founded by the people behind Entrepreneur Magazine, Inspiration Entrepreneur is a little bit like a Pinterest for entrepreneurs. You’ll find inspiration, ideas, and other entrepreneurial content shared by entrepreneurs across the web. If you’re good at finding great content or looking for it, this is the place to do it.

2. Killer Startups

Killer Startups is another place to generate ideas. On this site, users submit their startups and others can rate them and discuss them. You can also submit news stories, giving you an avenue for press releases, which is never a bad thing.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn seems to be the social network for all white/gray collar workers. Which includes entrepreneurs. Not only do you have the opportunity to post yourself and your own information, you can also create a profile for your company. At this point, LinkedIn is a well established social network. It’s not going anywhere. Also, it has integrated mobile apps to keep you constantly connected. If you choose one social network to be on, as an entrepreneur, this one should be it.

4. StartupNation

If you’re looking to dive head first right into the world of startups, this is the place to do it. StartupNation is packed to the gills with information, hints, tips, inspiration, and more. It even has a radio station. StartupNation wants to give you practical advice on how to rock your business.

5. Cofoundr

You might be able to see where this is going based on the name. Cofoundr is a place where entrepreneurs, programmers, freelancers and investors can find each other. Cofoundr screens out the younger crowd, so you won’t get teenagers trying to muscle in. You create a profile, post your business idea, and wait for people to start discussing. You may find a similar project that you want to join. Or, hey, you might even find your cofounder.

6. Perfect Business

Perfect Business is a pretty serious social site for entrepreneurs. Here, you’ll be able to find resources (like the other sites), but you’ll also be able to make business contacts. You’ll find videos to help you out, plus one of it’s partners is Virgin Money, so it’s hard to go wrong with Richard Branson backing. Regular membership is free; gold membership is $29.99 a month. So, don’t sign up for something that isn’t going to pay off.

Those are our top social networks for entrepreneurs. Where do you think entrepreneurs should be spending their online time? Share in the comments below!


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