3 Ways to Increase Your Yelp Reviews

Do you use Yelp? Not necessarily as a business tool, but as an individual? If not, you should take a 3 Ways to Increase Your Yelp Reviewslook at the app to see how it works. Because, even if you yourself don’t use it, your brick-and-mortar business is.

Yelp is a social app and online resource where users can set up reviews of businesses. It has a “what’s nearby” feature that allows you to explore a local area. It marks your business on a map and has your out-of-5-star rating listed right when people see you.

So, what are some ways to boost that rating and get better reviews? Here are our tips:

1. Check the filter

Isn’t everything automated these days? Well, this is another one of those things. Part of the Yelp app uses a filter to hide reviews that it doesn’t think are authentic or valuable. However, like all computer programs, it’s not always best at making a judgement call.

There’s no sure-fire trick to getting these reviews unfiltered (you can’t just click a “Remove From Filter”), so here’s a little legwork you can do to try to get your positive, hidden reviews back.

On your Yelp page, look at the filtered reviews. If you see some positive ones that aren’t fake, find that user and follow them (like a Twitter follow) to add authenticity to the user. Ask them to do things like check-in and add more reviews on other pages to tell the program over at Yelp that they are, in fact, human.

If you find than any of these would-be robots are your regular customers, maybe drop it into conversation the next time they come in. Which brings me to my next point.

2. Ask.

You have regular customers, you have friends, you have family, you might even have a few employees. Ask them to rate and write Yelp reviews for your business. Now, you might be thinking that’s cheating, but it’s not. They know you. They know your business. It’s not inappropriate to ask them for their opinions.

3. Ask your associates

You work with people. Ask them if they’ll write a review. Ask them to write that review from the perspective of someone who has worked with you. It’s not cheating to ask someone to share their opinion online. Sometimes just asking is all it takes.

Bonus: The little things

Did you know you can update your Yelp listing with hours, menus or links to menus, phone numbers, a link to the website, and pictures.

Look, even if Yelp is run by computers to some degree, there’s still a human element and humans are disappointed when they show up somewhere to find that it’s closed. Or they can’t find a good contact number. Or they can’t find the correct website. While some of this is probably not your fault, they’re still going to blame you and your company. And, while it might not help you get better reviews, it might help you get fewer bad ones from people who don’t check your business hours before leaving the house.

How’s your Yelp rating? Have you ever asked anyone to review for you? What was your experience, good or bad? Share in the comments below!


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