4 Ways to Pamper your Clients

4 Ways to Pamper your ClientsYour clients are the key to your business. And, if you have repeat customers and regulars, they can be the key to getting even more business. How do you make your clients feel special? You shouldn’t treat your clients well just because you want them to promote your business. Anyone who gives you business deserves to be pampered.

Here are our ways of pampering your clients.

1. Respond quickly to calls and emails

When work is piling up, it’s sometimes difficult to stick the the “customer is always right” mantra. Instead of saying that to yourself, try changing it to the “customer is always first.” If a customer has sent you an email or called you sometime throughout the day, don’t shuffle it to the bottom of the heap. Respond immediately. If you can’t respond immediately, make sure it’s on the same day. Even if the client or customer has an issue that won’t be resolved that day, call them back to give them an update on where you’re at.

2. Show them off

Do you have happy clients? Brag about them. It will probably get back to them. And while you don’t have to spend too much time bragging, giving them some recognition will show how much you appreciate their business.

3. Be personal

If you are talking about individual clients, make sure you personalize their info. Don’t give everyone the same exact treatment. While you can give everyone the same level of quality, by adding personal touches to your clients orders and services, you will show how dedicated you are to them. Make sure you give everyone something special and unique.

4. Give them something extra

If your clients have been with you for a long time, you can show your appreciation by giving them a little something extra. It’s not just a coupon off their next purchase. You can give them something else, like a thank you card or a gift certificate to a place other than your own business. It’s the little things that are noticed. And, your customers might act on it.

What do you do to pamper your clients and customers? Share in the comments below.


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