Leslie Crutchfield, Co-Author of Do More Than Give and Forces for Good

Leslie Crutchfield is an internationally-renown author, speaker, and leading authority on scaling social innovation and high-impact philanthropy. She serves as a senior advisor with FSG and is a former managing director of Ashoka.

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Leslie Crutchfield is an internationally-renowned author, speaker, and leading authority on scaling social innovation and high-impact philanthropy. She serves as a Senior Advisor with FSG, a nonprofit strategy firm cofounded in 1999 as Foundation Strategy Group by Mark R. Kramer and Michael E. Porter. Leslie and FSG managing directors John Kania and Mark Kramer are co-authors of Do More Than Give: The Six Practices of Donors Who Change the World, which was inspired by the findings in Forces for Good. Leslie was previously a managing director of Ashoka; in the 1990s she cofounded and ran a nonprofit social enterprise. Leslie is a frequently invited to lecture at domestic and international events, and conducts workshops and private training sessions for nonprofit and philanthropic leaders. She is an active media contributor whose work has been featured in Fortune,Forbes, HBR.org, Fast Company, The Washington Post, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, and Stanford Social Innovation Review, and she has appeared on programs such as ABC News, NPR and PBS.  Leslie serves on the board of the SEED Foundation and she was a Crossroads Africa volunteer. She holds an MBA and a BA from Harvard University, and resides in the Washington, D.C., area with her husband and three children.

Leslie has found new ways for people to donate and it isn’t always through money.

The average household gives $1400 a year, but there’s a greater way to give called catalytic philanthropy. Money isn’t always what people need. Advocacy can be a high impact tactic that leads to change and reform

With new technology, comes new ways to donate. Think before you give and make a plan.

– Bring awareness to the problem.

– Identify a course of action

– What experience and knowledge can you apply to the situation?

The most powerful thing a company can contribute is their know-how.

For example: Reuters knows how to get information. They sent reporters into Haiti after the earthquake and set up an emergency information service; a SMS text code number that people could text to find food, water, and medicine.

This allowed people to communicate on the ground. Too often, non-governmental agencies rush in to emergency areas and can cause more disruption due to lack of organization.

Leslie Crutchfield, Co-Author of Do More Than Give and Forces for GoodDo More Than Give

How donors change the world through the six catalytic practices of high-impact philanthropyDo More Than Give provides a blueprint for individuals, philanthropists, and foundation leaders to increase their impact. Based on Forces for Good, this groundbreaking book demonstrates how the six practices of high-impact nonprofits apply to donors aiming to advance social causes. Rather than focus on the mechanics of effective grantmaking, reporting, or evaluation, this book instead proposes that donors can become proactive catalysts for change by rising to meet the challenges of our increasingly interdependent world. Key principles include: going beyond check writing/traditional volunteering; advocating for change; leveraging business; forging peer networks; empowering individuals; leading adaptively; and developing learning organizations.

  • Contains robust case studies depicting every type of philanthropy (corporate, community, operating, specialized, and large private and family foundations)
  • Includes easy to use “Key Takeaways” tailored for donors at the “beginner” and “experienced” levels of catalytic philanthropy
  • Authors are internationally-acclaimed philanthropic, nonprofit, and corporate social responsibility strategy experts who frequently speak and train on high-impact philanthropy

In good economic times or bad, this book provides guidance for givers to increase the impact of their charitable resources and go beyond check-writing to help solve problems and change the world.


LListen to the interview with Leslie Crutchfield here!



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