10 Questions the Entrepreneur Should Ask

There are hundreds of questions to ask yourself before you start a business. Money, motivation, five year plans, etc…

These aren’t the questions we’re talking about. Today, we want to ask you some questions that you may have never considered asking yourself, but the answers are just as important.Your business might survive or fail depending on the strength of your philosophy and convictions. These questions are meant to help you define your philosophies so you know what you’re trying to stick to when you get there.

Some of these come from the biggest entrepreneurs out there. Check it out.

1. What is it like to work for me? – Robert Sutton, author and professor at Stanford

2. What trophy do we want on our mantle? – Marcy Massura, brand strategist at MSL Group

3. What is the smallest change we have made that has had the biggest positive result? – Robert Cialdini, author and professor at Arizona State University

4. Who, on the executive team or the board, has spoken to a customer recently? – James Champy

5. What am I trying to prove to myself, and how might it be hijacking my life and business success? – Bob Rosen

6. What did we miss in the interview for the worst hire we ever made? – Alberto Perlman, CEO of Zumba Fitness

7. If our customer were my grandmother, would I tell her to buy what we’re selling? – Dan Pink

8. Why should people listen to you? – Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood
9. Who are four people whose careers I’ve enhanced? – Alex Gorsky, CEO, Johnson & Johnson

10. Do I know what I’m doing? And who do I call if I don’t? -Erin Pooley, business journalist

What are some questions you ask yourself? What are some questions you would like to ask successful entrepreneurs? Share in the comments!



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