Inspiration: When Failure Isn’t an Option

Hi, I’m Michael Trigg. And I want to level with you straight away. This isn’t for everybody.
What I do isn’t fair. Is it ethical? Absolutely. Is it fair? Definitely not. Because I give people a powerful advantage that gets them leap frogging their competition…external..AND internal. The Presenting Advantage.
How? Well- lets look around. In an ideal world- the best person should win. The best product, the most experienced, the most strategic etc, but they rarely do. It’s the WAY something is presented that creates that winning edge.
Does that mean it can be all style and no substance? C’mon!! Of course not! But you can have the best content in the world – and blow it with poor delivery and poor train of thought.
Let me give you 2 examples- one about as high profile as you can get – the 2nd from two of my own clients. In 2004 – Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama. She’s a hugely experienced politician, she has all the political connections, she’s a known commodity, she’s been in the White House, she’s got Bill behind her, she’s got the female vote – the first time a woman running for the Presidency.


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  1. I did not see the second example in the Blog just the one on Hillary. Is there more.

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