Interview: Mark Montgomery, Founder of FLO {thinkery}

marko_gunMark Montgomery is the founder of FLO {thinkery}.

Listen to Mark’s interview here.

FLO {thinkery} develops strategy for decision-makers. FLO came about when Mark Montgomery realized his interests were broad. Some things are too big for you to consider alone. FLO is an amped up consultancy. They look at problems and figure out ways to solve them.

FLO builds successful businesses for big audiences. They work with entertainers and entrepreneurs with an emphasis on consumer products, technology, and content. This includes both music and the revolution in television, which has already begun.

They are not an investment fund in the traditional sense, but they put their brainpower to work with some of the industry’s best minds to start up new ventures in technology and entertainment.

They strongly believe in Nashville as the official capital of music on planet Earth and believe the city is uniquely situated to be at the forefront of the new music business.

Clients have included national/global brands such as Google, Under Armour, Nissan, and Griffin Technology. In Nashville, we also been tapped to do strategic work with The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum and The Nashville Chamber of Commerce, while mentoring several startups from the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, where FLO founder Marko serves on its board.flo

Mark takes a unique approach to life. He tries to be the dumbest guy in the room. It’s your job to assemble the smart people.

FLO doesn’t focus on business-to-business. He works on consumer products, many with tech enabled elements.

Mark came to Nashville in 1990 with $800 in his pocket, started selling music on the internet in 1996, and by 2000 had pioneered one of the first digital “direct to fan” music businesses in Music City, USA. He was regarded warily, when not with outright hostility: You want to sell what on the where? His company, echomusic, focused on building communities around entertainment brands. He was the co-creator of the patented platform echotools™, a direct to consumer delivery and data management system which grew to serve hundreds of millions of pages, terabytes of data and millions of dollars in e-commerce. In 2007, the company was acquired by Barry Diller’s IAC/Ticketmaster for eight figures.

Mark has worked with hundreds of entertainment and corporate clients, including Sony, Kanye West, Keith Urban, RIM/Blackberry, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Bon Jovi, Pearl Jam, Best Buy, Gnarls Barkley, Rascal Flatts, and General Motors.

He serves as a trusted advisor and investor to select startups, and helped found Nashville’s Entrepreneur Center, where he serves on its Board of Directors. He also serves on over a half dozen other boards* related to music and entrepreneurship, where he’s known for pushing the pink elephant into the middle of the room and stirring the pot when others fear touching the spoon. He tramps in and out of airports a lot, going hither and yon to speak about the new music biz.

Mark has won several “Best in Business” awards and Nashville’s 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year kudo several times. He is widely regarded as “a person you need to meet” by both young entrepreneurs and established businesspeople who want to make things happen. Some have referred to him as “the other Mayor of Nashville” because of his passion for the city, but he avoids politics whenever possible, preferring to get things done by working one on one with people who make things happen. This explains why he’ll take a meeting with damn near anyone, which drives Jess crazy.

Click here to listen to the interview with Mark Montgomery.


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