4 More Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Entrepreneurs, like all creative types, sometimes get stuck in a rut. The question is how do you shake yourself out of it? We posted a few ways to boost your creativity and now we’re back with more!

There are plenty of ways to get your creative juices flowing. Here are our top 4 ways to be more creative.

1. Mix it up

Do you have a routine? Lots of people do. If you have a busy schedule that you need to keep under control, a routine is the best way to stay on top of your obligations. But, routine can be the creativity killer. If you listen to music while working, change it up. Take a different route to work. Work out at night instead of in the morning.

The change up in your routine keeps your mind engaged and can help dislodge the creativity that’s locked up inside.

2. Find your preference

You have ways you like to solve problems. As an entrepreneur, you’re used to getting things done. But, do you get things done the same way every time? Do you have a preferred way of solving problems? It’s natural if you tend to conquer tasks the same way every time. Once you know what you usually do, you know where your rut is.

Try thinking about your employees would address an issue. Or your cofounder. Or your mom. Don’t be locked into your own way of thinking. Try someone else’s mindset.

3. Use your hands.

In neurological terms, the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. Studies show that if you use both hands to explain something, you start engaging both sides of the brain. It allows you to look at problems from a broader angle.

Even if you aren’t a hand-talker, try to figure out other ways to engage both sides of your entire brain.

4. Laugh

Positive moods boost activity in the prefrontal cortex. In case that explanation wasn’t helpful, here’s another one. Putting yourself in a positive, happy, laughing mood helps your brain with creativity. Give it a try.

What’s your way to boost creativity? When do you find yourself needing a little boost? Share in the comments below!


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  1. Try To Be The Person Your Dog Thinks You Are!

  2. I boost creativity by doing some manual labor. Spending time at a desk all day in front of a computer can hurt my creativity after awhile. If I will do some lawn work or work on a project not related to work it helps clear my mind. If I really get stuck, rearranging furniture can give me a fresh perspective.

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