Interview: Brian Dodds, President of Recognition Professionals International

Brian Dodds, president of Recognition Professionals International, talks about incentives to boost employee productivity through recognition.

Listen to Brian’s interview here.Recognition Professionals International (RPI) is the only professional association at the forefront of workforce recognition through its sole focus on recognition innovations and education as a systematic method for improvements in the workplace. RPI is endorsed by top authorities in the industry, has an impressive membership of Fortune 500 organizations (see Member Organizations) and is the only association offering Certified Recognition Professional (CRP) courses.

RPI was a group of professionals at work in corporations who come together to share practices in recognition. They aim to recognize employees for a job well done and engage in conversation with coworkers to encourage behavior reflecting the core values of the company and improve work conditions and performance.

It’s a safe place to come and share ideas. They have invested in intellectual capital. They offer the only accredited certification product in the industry for recognition professionals, so you can get training.

Training entails teaching a manager to see when a job deserves recognition. There also needs to be a system in place that allows a manager to say thanks. That system needs to allow for the broadcast of recognition to the right channels.

How can an audience also acknowledge the recognition, so an employee is recognized by his teammates?

Polls say 72% of workers aren’t engaged in their work, 42% of employees leave their job if they aren’t recognized, 78% say being recognized motivates them to do a better job.

There are human beings being human in your workplace. They have self-esteem, they have human needs. When they put hard work in, they want to see that it matters.

RPI helps determine what’s appropriate and what’s not an appropriate way to draw attention to an employee.

The message can get lost in technology. You can still recognize your employees who work from home.

The next RPI Annual Conference is in January 2015.

Listen to Brian Dodd’s interview here.


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