4 Branding Tips to Boost Recognition

Before you start branding, you’re going to need a few steer…no, wait. Wrong kind of branding.

Brands and brand recognition are now more important than ever. With social media and Google Image searches, your logo could be every where. So, what can you do to boost your brand and make it more recognizable? Here are our thoughts:

1. Stay true

There’s an idea out there that services like Groupon and LivingSocial are going to help your business and it’s true. There are plenty of cases where this has happened. However, it’s not necessarily going to help your brand. Likewise, if you run contests, it’s not really a brand booster, it’s just a contest.

If you want your brand to flourish, you have to stay true to your brand stands for. Don’t know what your brand stands for? Figure it out. Like Apple standing for sleek design and being user-friendly, something that they follow through with in the whole setup of the Apple Store.

Write out a mission statement. Make it your tag line.

From top to bottom, make your brand recognizable for its authenticity.

2. Be reachable

Some people don’t want to get on social media. They think it’s a waste of time, something that takes them away from what they should be doing. If one of the things you should be doing is interacting with customers, you need to be on social media.

It’s not really a question of whether or not you have time. And, even if you aren’t going to use social media as a marketing tool, you should still make yourself available to people who have questions, thoughts, or concerns with your company and your product.

3. Work on your writing

Has your company ever sent out a press release? Shouldn’t you? Sometimes, sending out a press release can be costly. That’s an excuse. But, it’s not a good one. You can still put a press release on your website or out on the Internet. You could even target a few people with similar interests and ask them to share or retweet your info. News travels fast these days.

Now, the hard part. Get better at writing.

Nothing falls quite so flat as an uninteresting press release. What can you do to convey your info as quickly, efficiently, and interestingly as possible? Work on it.

4. Participate

This isn’t another social media push (still, guys…get on social media). No, instead, what I mean by participation is interacting with your local community. Sponsor high school events or marathons. Go to conferences and conventions. If you don’t have the money to be a sponsor, find some way to get involved. It’s a way to get your name and your brand out there.

What do you think is a good branding technique? What has worked for you in the past? Let us know in the comments.


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