Interview: Amy Abatangle, VP of Sales and Marketing at Untangle

Amy Abatangle is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Untangle.

Listen to Amy’s interview here.Untangle was founded in 2003 as Metavize, Inc. by John Irwin and Dirk Morris with the vision of untangling the complexities of technology, initially targeting network security and control for small business, schools and homes. In 2006, Metavize raised a $10.5M series-A venture funding round from CMEA Ventures and Rustic Canyon Partners, named Bob Walters as CEO, and renamed the company to Untangle, Inc.

The company’s first product, the Untangle gateway platform, brought together the best  open source projects to create a comprehensive network management solution that provided unprecedented functionality via an application model. In 2007, Untangle released the Untangle Gateway Platform under the GPLv2 license, making it the world’s first commercial-grade open source solution for blocking spam, spyware, viruses, adware and unwanted content on the network, providing a free and better alternative to costly, inflexible proprietary appliances. That product continues to be offered as Untangle Next Generation Firewall, which includes both free and paid apps.

Untangle is a network gateway platform that allows small businesses, schools, and other organizations control what’s on their networks. They offer 22 different applications and 3 packages that run on the platform to help these organizations protect their network and manage their traffic.

Untangle is a software solution that is installed on a dedicated PC or purchase an appliance with the software already installed. You set up Untangle as a router or a transparent bridge behind an existing firewall, making it a gateway to the Internet that can examine and filter all the traffic going in and out.

Untangle sees all user requests and you can apply rules to what is allowed and not allowed. Untangle aims to have all security and filtering on one box. You don’t have to install Untangle on every machine. The system administrator has access to a dashboard to monitor activity. They can generate reports to show where bandwidth, time, and employees are going.

The most popular applications are web filtering, application control, and bandwidth control. It gives you a very complete report on how your users are using the Internet.

Untangle delivers peace of mind in one package.

Untangle works on mobile devices if they use WiFi to connect, but it cannot monitor on the cellular network.

Click here to listen to Amy Abatangle’s interview.


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