Interview: Matthew Edgar, Founder and Developer for SpringTrax

springMatthew Edgar is the founder and developer for SpringTrax. SpringTrax can help hunt down and wipe out all your broken links and 404 errors.

Listen to Matthew’s interview here.

404 errors can happen in so many ways from so many avenues, you have to find a way to track them. SpringTrax monitors websites to find out how many visitors are reaching a 404 error page. After finding all of them, SpringTrax will help you fix them.

It’s installed like an analytics tool, a piece of code that is placed on your website. They can track every single source that got a visitor to the website.

The 400 series of errors means there is some sort of user error, meaning there was an issue with the server delivering the page to the browser. 65%-75% of people who reach a page with a 404 error will leave the website. Once they leave, they’re less likely to come back, share, or engage with your brand.

The biggest reason a website has a 404 error is because a page has been deleted. For instance, on ecommerce websites, when a product is no longer sold, they remove it. The link may exist on an old receipt, an old bookmark, or an old shared link. Google and Bing bots won’t index those pages. When you remove the pages, Google and Bing will pull those pages out and won’t send you anymore traffic.

SpringTrax is a Denver-area software company founded by Matthew Edgar, a career web developer. Matthew developed SpringTrax to detect 404 errors for his many client websites that crawler and log-based products weren’t able to find or fix.

SpringTrax was founded in 2013 and is now in commercial release, providing non-stop 404 error detection for Enterprise, eCommerce and SMB websites. Enhancements and new product features are added frequently and registered users have direct access to the SpringTrax development team.

SpringTrax has variable pricing plans and features that allow you to pick what’s best for your website. You can also decide how often you are updated about broken links and how many web pages you want them to monitor.

Click here to listen to Matthew Edgar’s interview.


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