Interview: Ellen Sperling, Co-founder of

crowdfundEllen Sperling discusses the role of crowdfunding for business through the platform and how you can use it.

Listen to Ellen’s interview here.

youvegotfundYouveGotFunds connects your new ideas with the world and business development experts like no other crowdfunding site out there! Not only do they help you get funding, but they also help you create, monitor, and execute your business plan and advise you how to maximize your success!

Need a business license or info on domain names? They take care of tyouvegothat! Want to file a patent to protect your design? Piece of cake. Their network of professionals can help you with that, too. They assist you with a To Do list, estimate your financial costs and provide you with a roadmap for marketing. If you need a logo or a website, they have expert designers that can bring your presence to the web and optimize its visibility within a matter of days.

Projects include new technologies, creative projects, and even a personal cause. They are able to raise funding by reaching out to a wide audience through the Internet. There is a reward equity coupled with the funding that means an entrepreneur doesn’t have to give up the business or the idea in order to raise the money. With venture capital, an entrepreneur might get a significant chunk of money, but will be forced to give up a percentage of the business. With crowdfunding, they may get less money per person, but they will retain control of their organization.

You’ve Got Funds doesn’t work like Kickstarter in the sense that you have to “win” by raising 100% of your goal. At You’ve Got Funds, you get to keep whatever money you raise, regardless of if you reach your goal. You’ve Got Funds assigns you a personal representative that will give you ideas and suggestions on how to run your campaign. Then, they help you promote it through social media. They take 5% of everything that’s raised.

Not everyone is a social media expert, not everyone is a business expert. If you need patent registration, graphic design, web design, and more, You’ve Got Funds has created a group of professionals to assist.

Click here to listen to Ellen Sperling’s interview.


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