Interview: Amanda Pekoe, co-founder and CEO of The Pekoe Group

pekoeAmanda Pekoe is the co-founder and CEO of The Pekoe Group. The Pekoe Group is a full-service boutique marketing and advertising agency offering their creative ingenuity to you.

Listen to Amanda’s interview here.Amanda-Pekoe-headshotThe Pekoe Group team has the dedication and resources to deliver a comprehensive marketing plan unique to your project’s individual needs. Recognized by BNET and Fast Company’s Innovation Agents, at The Pekoe Group they hold a high standard of excellence and have the passion and skill to uphold it.

The Pekoe Group handles marketing and advertising for on-Broadway and off-Broadway shows. They take care of everything from the logos to websites to television and radio spots. They coordinate the street teams that work in Time Square. One of their specialties is setting up and running the social media accounts for the shows.

In a technology centric world, The Pekoe Group has gone the extra mile by organizing street team groups that are in charge of hand-to-hand marketing. It’s a good switch that gives a face-to-face interaction. You can walk through Times Square and be advertised to by a thousand different products and brands. To stand out in the market, you need to hit them over and over again by different forms of marketing.

On social media, people are posting about things that are irrelevant to their accounts. It takes away from the interactivity that you want to get with your followers. Brands should stay focused on what you’re posting. The audience should be engaged. It’s not enough to post several times a day; it’s important to get the interaction.

Another mistake is forgetting the hashtag or the @ symbol. By forgetting these symbols, you limit your own engagement.

The Pekoe Group also has a Meetup group so they can get together with theatre lovers. They set up whole experiences with them to create an experience. Some of the things they do are organize drinks for before or after the show, set up events where actors are interviewed, and encourage the community to get together outside of the scheduled group events. They’ve also found that their community is on Yelp. They invite Yelpers to come see a show and review it.

Some theatres have set up “tweet seats” where people can sit in a certain section and tweet during the show. By separating the section, they don’t disturb the others around them.

Click here to listen to Amanda Pekoe’s interview.


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