Interview: Christine White, marketing specialist of Infratel and MightyCall

Christine White, marketing specialist at Infratel, talks about MightyCall.

Listen to Chrstine’s interview here.In October of 2012, Infratel launched the SaaS platform for Small Business Virtual Phone services. Infratel was founded in 1999 and serves thousands of customers around the globe with call center solutions and MightyCall services. In 2012, Infratel’s products managed more than one billion customer call minutes. Infratel is a privately held company.

Never miss a customer request again. MightyCall’s virtual phone system helps you achieve that by providing the same tools big companies use to keep customers happy without the same costs or complexities. Its powerful toolset allows you to easily create custom triggers, actions, and to-do lists based on your business’s phone calls, social media, and webpage inquires.  

MightyCall is a professional phone system for your business. A business owner can choose either a toll free or a local number for your business and MightyCall forwards the call to your telephone. It separates business calls from personal calls and allows you to answer calls 24/7. MightyCall pre-screens the calls when it forwards the call to you. It helps you establish credibility over the phone. Mobility is so important, and entrepreneurs don’t work in traditional offices anymore. MightyCall makes sure you don’t miss another call.

If you want to record a welcome message, a greeting, or another message depending on business hours, you can hire professional voice talent to record the message for you. MightyCall has an “Experience It” number that allows you to call MightyCall and hear what they have to offer. They have different plans you can use depending on how much you need.

MIghtyCall has a feature called “Click Connect” that allows you to call a business straight from your website. It opens up a web dialer that means you don’t have to leave the website in order to make the call. It has proven helpful for customer support or sales.

Click here to listen to Christine White’s interview here.


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