Interview: Shane Mac, author of Stop with the BS

Shane Mac is the Director of Product at Zaarly.shane

He’s been featured in The New York Times, Reuters, U.S. News and World and many other press publications discussing new and disruptive ways to get hired. He’s the author of Stop with the BS.

Click here to listen to Shane’s interview.

Stop with the BS is for employees looking up at the employers. Shane had an experience where he created a product. His boss told him no, but he pushed it anyway, evolving it the project into a 30 person team. It became a $100 million product and he was praised for doing something his boss told him not to do.

stopThis book is different. That’s the only pre-requisite I had before writing it; it couldn’t just be “another book.” So, I made it a journey and something crazy. I forced myself to write the entire book on one train ride. 275 pages, 30,000+ words, on a train ride from Seattle to San Francisco and back. Every chapter includes a photo taken out the window, the song playing in my headphones and random crazy thoughts about what was going on in my head while writing this. You are along for the ride. This book is about the journey as much as it is about the content. This book is for anyone who wants a new career. If you love your career, get this for a friend who doesn’t. It’s a collection of stories and thoughts inspired by 20 years of notes I had kept. I have no idea if this book will actually be something people want to read but these simple reviews from my friends growing up and people I’ve never met made me think that maybe someone might.

What results is a collection of 75 funny, real, raw thoughts and occasional rants about starting a career, doing work that matters, making a difference, and why having a carefully-crafted resume is the last thing you need to make shit happen in today’s world. Raw, funny, vulnerable and to-the-point, each essay cuts down on the layers of crap we hear daily to tell the real story–about how to make it happen.


Zaarly is a local marketplace that handpicks food providers, service providers, and people who make handmade goods. You can order from them and they deliver the next day. It helps connect local markets with consumers.

Click here to listen to Shane Mac’s interview.


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