3 Career Tips for the Graduating Class

Graduation is still a few months away, but it’s not too early to start looking a how you want to enter the job market. So, what is the graduate going to do? Where should you start? Here are our 3 career tips for the graduating class.

1. Strategy

You want to have a goal when looking for your first job. Don’t approach it with an “I’ll take whatever I can get” attitude. How does your first job help you achieve greater career goals? Now, it might be that you don’t know what your greater career goals are. That’s okay, too. In that case, the goal of your first job will be to help determine what your long term goals are. If you really like what you’re doing, maybe this is the industry you want to stay in. If you hate it, you need to explore other areas.

2. Find an expert

You are not the first person to go on this journey. Plenty of other people have been there before. If you think you know where you want your career to go, find someone who has done it before and ask for advice. This means looking beyond your family and escaping the halls of academia. Your professors can help you if you want a career as a professor. Unless you plan on following in your parents’ footsteps, they can’t help you, either.

It’s easier than you think to find an expert. Start by going to a company website and searching through their contact information. You may not get a response on the first go, but if you’re up front about wanting to talk about an industry, many people are happy to talk about their careers.

Another way to find an expert is to go to a conference or convention. You may even be able to find a representative at a job fair.

3. Don’t go to grad school

Right away. Higher education is great and, in some cases, beneficial. But, is it beneficial in your case? Don’t commit to 5, 10, 15 more years of school unless you know that’s where you need to be.

What are your tips for the graduating class? What do you wish you knew before entering the job market? Share in the comments!


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