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Business Builders with Marty Wolff and Financial Focus Coming to BizTalkRadio!

Two new shows are coming to BizTalkRadio this Saturday.

Business Builders with Marty Wolff

BBG007-Screen_Stacked and CenteredThe Business Builders show is here to inform, educate, inspire and  entertain you, our audience of entrepreneurs, small business owners and all professionals who seek excellence.

Marty Wolff is a serial entrepreneur having started and operated four different businesses. They included a transportation company, a retail furniture store, two consulting companies, The Wolff Group and presently Marty is President of Marty Wolff Business Solutions.


Financial Focus

ffradioshow-logo for website copyFinancial Focus likes to have guests on that are entertaining and bring good advice on specific topics to our audience. There are many folks out there that can offer strategic advice and answer your questions.

Troy Reinhart and Tyler Simones strive to give you the proper tools, education and assistance to help you truly build wealth, not just invest in a product someone sells you. The partners at Northwest Quadrant Wealth provide two hours of entertaining and wealth building knowledge you can use in your everyday life.

BizTV and BizTalkRadio welcome BizTalkNews

BizTV and BizTalkRadio announced the addition of a new top-of-the-hour news product that airs daily from 9:00 am to 5:05 pm EST.

“We felt there was a void in the marketplace for business news,” said Scott Miller, EVP of BizTV and BizTalkRadio. “There are several great resources for news, but our TV and Radio affiliates wanted a news product that follows the stock market and provides business centered news stories.”

BizTalkNews is a five-minute top-of-the-hour news product that gives affiliates options.  Stations can choose to air the entire five minutes or pick the segments they are interested in airing: News Headlines, Market Report/Business Headlines or a segment on Business Stories.

“We wanted to give our affiliates the ability to pick and choose to meet the needs of their viewers or listeners,” said Miller.  “This gives them an option to air all five minutes, join the feed for the Market Report and Business Headlines or air the Business Stories later in the same hour.”

Independent News Network, a division of The Media Gateway in Little Rock, Arkansas is producing BizTalkNews. “We are excited to partner with BizTV and BizTalkRadio on this new venture,” said Jeff Lyle, President of The Media Gateway.

A Preamble

By Edward Frazier

I rarely think of the fourth of July as anything but another Holiday. A parade, some fireworks, picnics with watermelons, and pies. Did I mention fire works? One of my favorite memories and a pivotal moment in my youth happened as I watched a pocket full of black cats blowing up in my very own pocket.

Very cool in front of my “girlfriend”, and oh yeah I set her sisters hair on fire trying to be cool with a small bottle rocket. I had watched others casually flip small bottle rockets in the air after lighting it from a punk held in ones teeth. Well, at 14 years old I was ready for such a challenge as lighting and tossing a bottle rocket. So, for my first time ever I lit a rocket tossed it high in the air for safety, only to see it arc over the crowd and land in my girl friend’s sister’s hair styled with flammable hair spray. Best of all! The loud pop right at the finale of the bottle rocket. No fingers ever pointed in my direction so I was stealthy by luck. I disappeared to the watermelon seed-spiting contest. Not too good at that test either.

This weekend is the 4th so happy Fourth of July for all Americans. For reasons no one living can fully appreciate a group of people decided to declare our independence. Since then many more have followed to shape a nation. There has been progress from every generation since the foundation of our country. Many National Pivots are yet to come.

Consider today July 2, what these people who started this defiance of a sovereign Kingdom were thinking. As they no doubt reflected on what they intended to do in the next 48 hours. It had the consequences of death. In fact many did come to that consequence. Some starved on POW boats in the Hudson and came to a harsh end and all sort of war hazards prevailed. I would think to make those determined intentional decisions of our founders must have included a strong faith in God. For who can ponder such things without consideration of God’s role in their destiny? I call them serious historic gamblers who put it all at risk.

Enjoy the Fourth! May greater things come of this Nation. Pray for the days to come.

About Ed Frazier

Ed has been involved in media and Internet technologies for over 30 years. He was one of the founding individuals of the Regional Sports Networks that make up Fox Sports. Following Fox sports Frazier was involved in a joint Venture with Coserv Electric in the deployment and creation of advanced fiber networks. Through the CoServ Joint Venture he supplied advanced Internet technologies, for design, development and Internet marketing. Frazier has years of experience in Internet marketing and media, including, pay per click advertising, video streaming, banner advertising, Google adwords, Yahoo, MSN, and other directory and Internet marketing systems including direct e-mail, and user targeting advertising. His interest in Internet technology management for his clients is targeted to insure best practices in Internet marketing and ecommerce. Ed is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. He provides consulting services in the field of Integrated Media. This involves traditional broadcast media and emerging media via satellite and the Internet. He has served on the boards of publicly traded companies, privately held corporation and non-profit organization.

BizTalkRadio App

applogoNever miss out on your favorite BizTalkRadio shows again!

The BizTalkRadio app is now available on iPhone and Android.

BizTalkRadio for iPhone

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Celebrity Radio Host Wendy Lowy Sloane Celebrates Her Popular Show’s Five Year Anniversary

wendyThe nationally syndicated What’s*Up*with*Wendy radio show, featuring Wendy Lowy Sloane, is set to celebrate its fifth anniversary on Friday, January 9, 2015. The show, which originates from WGCH Radio(1490AM) in Greenwich, CT and airs nationally on BizTalkRadio, showcases interviews with the biggest names in television, movies, music, comedy, fashion, literature, and sports, in addition to self-help segments.

Actress Monica Potter, star of NBC’s hit show Parenthood, will help Wendy celebrate her anniversary. A frequent guest on What’s*Up*with*Wendy, Potter’s latest endeavor,, showcases home goods developed and hand-made by artisans in the Ohio Valley, a place Potter still calls home. Her dedication to her hometown makes her the ideal guest for What’s*Up*with*Wendy’s fifth anniversary show, which also profiles local businesses in Westchester and Fairfield Counties, Wendy’s home for the past 13 years.

“I’ve always loved Wendy’s energy and warm heart, which is so genuine when she talks to you,” said Potter. “I’m thrilled to be part of What’s*Up*with*Wendy’s fifth anniversary show; it’s just another way for her to give back to her community. We share common ideals, and I love her for that.”

Also on hand for Wendy’s upcoming anniversary show are Greer Grammer, star of the popular MTV series Awkward, and daughter of beloved actor Kelsey Grammer, and Michael Dinan, owner and editor of

What’s*Up*with*Wendy will air live throughout Fairfield and Westchester Counties, from 11:00a-12:00p on Fridays on 1490 WGCH and, and nationally on BIZTALKRADIO Fridays at 7:00p.

About Wendy Lowy Sloane:

Wendy Lowy Sloane started her career warming up audiences for Phil Donahue and was quickly hired as a producer for the Geraldo Rivera Show. Wendy made nationwide news for her in-depth shows featuring the OJ Simpson trial and the tragic death of child beauty queen Jon-Benet Ramsey. Wendy produced Geraldo’s weekly Celebrity News shows, which were a hallmark of his daytime talk show. Moving on with her career, Wendy landed a key job in radio in New York City when she was hired to be the Executive/On-Air Producer for BIG 105 with Danny Bonaduce. The Miami native and Florida State University graduate serves as the executive producer and host of celebrity radio show What’s*Up*with*Wendy, airing on1490 WGCH. Wendy lives in New Canaan, CT, with her two children.


BizTalkRadio Adds Business Rockstars to Broadcast Lineup

rockstarsNew Alliance Brings America’s #1 Radio Show for Entrepreneurs to Air 4-6 PM Eastern M-F

Santa Monica, Calif. (September 15, 2014) – BizTalkRadio announced today the addition of Business Rockstars to their network lineup. Business Rockstars will air on the network from 4-6pm Eastern, Monday through Friday. Hosted by Ken Rutkowski, Business Rockstars is fresh, millennial programming that targets the estimated 40 million ‘wantrepreneurs’ in the US.

Steve Lehman, Co-Founder of Business Rockstars, said.  “Business Rockstars is the fastest growing talk show in the US, and the only national entrepreneurial radio show that teaches listeners how start, grow, and fund a business.  Entrepreneurship is red-hot,  advertiser-friendly and attracts a younger audience to radio. Ken Rutkowski is brilliant,  and Business Rockstars is simply…good business!”

“Business Rockstars has quickly become one of the premier shows of its kind, focused on the entrepreneur, which reaches a huge upscale audience. We are excited to work with Steve Lehman, Ken Rutkowski, and the Business Rockstars team and our affiliates are looking forward to having the show in their line-ups.  We believe that it will attract new listeners and advertisers,” said Jeff Weber, President of BizTalkRadio.

About BizTalkRadio

BizTalkRadio is the only network committed to original, educational and compelling programming about real people succeeding in business. Small business generated 64% of all new jobs in the last decade. There are more than 30 million small businesses and 15 million home-based companies in the United States.  BizTalkRadio is dedicated to shows about: sales & marketing, management, finance, work-life balance.

About Business Rockstars

Business Rockstars is an entrepreneurial business platform driven by radio, television, and social media. Host, President and Co-Founder Ken Rutkowski connects listeners to some of the biggest “Rockstar” CEO’s and entrepreneurs to share their experiences starting, growing and funding businesses. Rutkowski has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News, BBC, Wired, BusinessWeek, and dozens of other publications worldwide. Rutkowski is a regular guest & correspondent for FOX, NPR, ABC, and was the technology host on CNET. Rutkowski founded and is CEO of METal International (Media, Entertainment, Technology, Alpha Leaders) a powerful 1,600 member organization boasting top CEO’s, VC’s & Entrepreneurs. Business Rockstars’ Chairman and Co-founder Steve Lehman was the Founder, Chairman and CEO of Premiere Radio Networks.

Jeff Weber remembers Casey Kasem

This weekend, legendary radio personality Casey Kasem passed away.

Jeff Weber, president of BizTalkRadio, remembers Casey:

“One afternoon in 1983, I was working on the air at a radio station I owned out west. We received word that Karen Carpenter had died. I was quickly trying to think of who I could call in the industry for a comment on her passing. Since we aired Casey’s American Top 40 program I thought I’d see if I could reach him through his syndication company. The person I spoke to on the phone said they’d see if they could get a message to him. Sure enough, within half an hour, the phone rang and an operator said “I have a collect call for Jeff Weber from Casey Kasem…will you accept the charges?”

I was thrilled that he was calling back and ran the tape recorder to record my live interview with him for future airing as well. I was very tempted to ask him if he really did call me collect but it wouldn’t have been appropriate! The interview was classic Casey and I still have the tape to this day.”

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