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All right, Entrepreneur: Let’s take back the morning [Infographic]


Biggest Workplace Time Wasters [Infographic]


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A Strategy for Business Success

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The strategy for business success are built around three pillars: The Product, The Market and The Team. Each pillar or a combination will most likely determine the success or failure of a business. The core pillar or strategy to focus on is “the product to market fit”. In business schools they say that a business fails for two reasons, lack of funding or lack of strategy execution. Strategy execution should centre on getting the product and market fit right. If the product to market strategy execution by the leadership team is not right, the cost to fund the business for customer acquisition, sales, marketing and product development increase to the point where value cannot be captured.

What causes business success?

In business which strategy pillars contributes the most to success of the enterprise, the team, the product or the market? Or put another way “what is the biggest cause of…

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Emails Are Easy But Not Always Effective.

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3 situations to deal with personally

  1. There is a performance problem.It’s surprising that some people still do this. Delivering critique should be dealt with very professionally and with plenty of diplomacy. Some will just opt for an email where they describe the problem. The problem in this situation is that the tone might be misinterpreted even if you are trying to be kind. Such a situation needs careful attention for words, tone and body language.   

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How some of the most legendary entrepreneurs in American history got their start.

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How to Avoid Collaboration Fatigue

Originally posted on HBR Blog Network - Harvard Business Review:

It’s nearly impossible to escape a meeting or conference call without someone touting the virtues of collaboration. After all, researchers have linked collaboration to increased innovation, and many have compellingly argued for collaboration’s role in better leadership performance. Collaboration just feels right — like a big hug or a warm puppy.

But collaboration also has an overlooked dark side.

Picture this: A complex issue is identified. A diverse, cross-functional team is assembled to solve it. Key stakeholders are gathered. Information is collected. Options are debated. Approval is sought. And then… nothing happens. So more information is gathered. More stakeholders are invited. More conference calls are logged. More debate ensues. More approval is sought. Round and round the project goes — when, where, and how somebody will decide, nobody knows.

This is a recipe for collaboration fatigue, and if consumed in large doses for prolonged periods, this potent blend of abdication…

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Happy 4th!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

Inspiration: No brainer [Quote]


How to Use the Power of Hashtags in Your Social Media Marketing – Jeffbullas’s Blog

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Twitter, Facebook & Instagram use hashtags. It can increase sharing by 100%. Here are 4 simple tips to use hashtags in your social media marketing

Natalia Corres‘s insight:

Sweet and easy. Listen to the podcast, too.

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