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Welcome Wide World of Stocks to the BizTV family!

We’d like to welcome Wide World of Stocks to the BizTV family!wideworld1

Wide World of Stocks (WWOS) delivers visibility to companies in the micro and small-cap sectors. It offers a comprehensive awareness package that provides valuable exposure for your company, products and services. WWOS is a print and digital content provider with multi-channel integration including television, radio, video, webcasts, podcasts and a magazine in both digital and print formats. The program has been seen in 100+ million homes, regionally and nationally on cable and major networks including CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX.

Wide World of Stocks is a subsidiary of Valhalla Venture Group, LLC.


The Wide World of Stocks airs every week day at 5pm.



BizTV Doubles Distribution in 2013, On Track to Hit 33 Million Homes by Q1 of 2014

BizTV announced today that it has doubled its distribution in 2013; reaching over 15 million BizTV Doubles Distribution in 2013, On Track to Hit 33 Million Homes by Q1 of 2014broadcast homes in August. In addition, BizTV says it is on track to hit 33 million homes by the first quarter of 2014.

“We are extremely excited to see the growth of BizTV,” says Scott Miller, Executive Vice President of parent company Center Post Holdings. “BizTV is now in its fourth year of operations, and our affiliates see the value in providing their viewers with content to help them manage their business or personal finances.”

BizTV started 2013 with five affiliates including Atlanta, Dallas, Denver and Salt Lake City. New affiliates include WPBH 60.2 in Philadelphia, KHMP in Las Vegas, KCTU 43.4 in Wichita, WGGS in Greenville, South Carolina and WBFT 46 in Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina.

Additional markets are scheduled to come online in New York, Fresno, Bakersfield, Kinston, North Carolina, Cleveland and San Diego.

Miller credits the growth to the economy, “With the uncertainty in Washington and Wall Street, more Americans are interested in getting into business for themselves or managing their personal finances. BizTV gives them the tools they need to do both.”

Interested affiliates can contact Mark MacGregor, VP of Affiliate Relations for BizTV at or 727-686-4415.

BizTV is the home for your business. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner or just managing your family’s assets, BizTV can help. BizTV finds the resources you need to manage your money, start your latest venture or grow your business.

Centerpost Holdings is privately held and based in Arlington Texas. It’s properties include, BizTV, Penny Sports, BTRN, LTRN, Austin I Lab, Everything Internet, College Real Estate, Key-Linx broadband, and various real estate holdings.

If you don’t get BizTV in your area, find out how here!

You can also watch BizTV live online on

Are you a fan of BizTV? What’s your favorite show? Share in the comments!

New Year, new affiliates

In the next few months, Biz Television will be adding affiliates. Tune in to the Biz Blog to stay informed.

Big Biz Show live from Fort Worth

Today, Sully, Russ and the gang come to you live from Studios 121 in Fort Worth, TX.


And, there’s more…a few Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders are dropping by.

Don’t miss it!

The Big Biz Show airs on Biz Television Network at 3:00 EST.

Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a trying time for both management and employees. How do you survive a performance review?

This is a time to focus on what you and your employees can achieve in the future.

  1. Don’t focus on what they’re doing wrong. If all they do is wrong, then why do they still have a job with you? Every employee must be doing something right. Spend a little time on that.
  2. Develop performance criteria that you can apply to all your employees, not just a few. This makes it easier on you, but it also can find where some employees excel and where some don’t.
  3. Encourage self-review. You can see what your employees believe are their strengths and weaknesses. Your evaluations should be similar. If not, something is wrong.
  4. If your business is small enough, you may be able to avoid reviews by encouraging feedback and communication. Make sure everyone knows that performance is critical to success.

For more insight on running your own business, tune in to Your Business Success on Biz Television.

Biz Television looks into the future of business with The Next 500

Biz Television is dedicated to giving its viewers Biz Television had picked up The Next 500. Hosted by Beck Bamberger, The Next 500 features companies that will most likely become the next Fortune 500 companies.

The leading companies of tomorrow are doing business today in a new way. Next 500 takes you inside the most innovative and captivating companies set to one day emerge as Fortune 500 powerhouses. Beck Bamberger as Next 500 unveils the future of business as we know it. The organizations featured on Next 500 are researched and chosen by the Next 500 team of producers. Companies selected are visually compelling, distinctly notable, and show growth and increasing dominance in their industries. All companies have national or international presence and are headquartered in America.

Bamberger fuses a combination of television and business experience. She’s worked in over five TV news networks and studios, including San Diego’s NBC 7/39 and KUSI News, along with Pittsburgh’s PBS affiliate and WPXI. She’s hosted a number of business programs, including San Diego’s Best and Brightest on San Diego Fox’s affiliate and “We’re Open” on San Diego’s CW network. Bamberger has interviewed dozens of CEOs from Fortune 1000 companies and organizations including Sony, Leap Wireless, Qualcomm, Ichor Medical Devices, Rubios, Upper Deck, AMN, the San Diego Zoo, and more.

“We want to give our viewers the opportunity to take a look at the best the business world has to offer,” said Justin Murff, VP at Biz Television. “This isn’t just market coverage. These companies are up and coming. They are the future of business.”

Setting Up a Home Office

Setting up a home office? Biz Television is here to help.

More and more people are trying to find ways to work from home.

  1. Set up a space that is your own. Make it your office, not your kitchen table.
  2. Make sure you password protect your computer. Who knows when a family member might make a settings change that takes hours to fix.
  3. Find an ergonomic way to store your cords. Tripping over a computer cord can damage you or your hardware.
  4. Anticipate your needs. Just because you are working from home does not mean you have all the supplies you’ll want to use. Keep a list handy so you can stay on top of your supplies. Plan out your next trip to the office supply store.
  5. Remove unhelpful distraction. Biz Television provides live programming during the market hours to help you stay informed and focused.

For more information on working out of the home, tune in to shows like MomsTown Live.

The Big Biz Show

In uncertain economic times, everyone needs some sound financial advice. Biz Television brings you Sully and Russ T. Nailz, two San Diego personalities who are heard in 114 radio markets. They deliver bar room style conversation with business flair.

The Big Biz Show is part of Biz Television’s live block.

Sully is the driving force behind several investment banking/retail support firms that specialize in providing financial and investor relations for publicly traded companies. He has helped more than 200 companies obtain investment capital.

Russ is the winner of The National Speakers Associations Humorous Speaker Competition. He’s won Emmy Awards for writing and for acting. Russ has performed for private parties, corporate functions, and Las Vegas showrooms. He has also developed an elementary school reading/music program.

The Big Biz Show is live Monday through Friday from 3:00 to 5:00 Eastern on Biz Television.

Biz Television YouTube Channel

You can now view some highlights from Biz Television on our YouTube Channel.

Be sure to call your service provider if you want to see more Biz Television.

Biz Television now available in Denver

Biz Television is now available throughout the Denver area. If you don’t see Biz Television and you want to, call your local cable provider.

Comcast:  1-866-928-9135

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