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A Preamble

By Edward Frazier

I rarely think of the fourth of July as anything but another Holiday. A parade, some fireworks, picnics with watermelons, and pies. Did I mention fire works? One of my favorite memories and a pivotal moment in my youth happened as I watched a pocket full of black cats blowing up in my very own pocket.

Very cool in front of my “girlfriend”, and oh yeah I set her sisters hair on fire trying to be cool with a small bottle rocket. I had watched others casually flip small bottle rockets in the air after lighting it from a punk held in ones teeth. Well, at 14 years old I was ready for such a challenge as lighting and tossing a bottle rocket. So, for my first time ever I lit a rocket tossed it high in the air for safety, only to see it arc over the crowd and land in my girl friend’s sister’s hair styled with flammable hair spray. Best of all! The loud pop right at the finale of the bottle rocket. No fingers ever pointed in my direction so I was stealthy by luck. I disappeared to the watermelon seed-spiting contest. Not too good at that test either.

This weekend is the 4th so happy Fourth of July for all Americans. For reasons no one living can fully appreciate a group of people decided to declare our independence. Since then many more have followed to shape a nation. There has been progress from every generation since the foundation of our country. Many National Pivots are yet to come.

Consider today July 2, what these people who started this defiance of a sovereign Kingdom were thinking. As they no doubt reflected on what they intended to do in the next 48 hours. It had the consequences of death. In fact many did come to that consequence. Some starved on POW boats in the Hudson and came to a harsh end and all sort of war hazards prevailed. I would think to make those determined intentional decisions of our founders must have included a strong faith in God. For who can ponder such things without consideration of God’s role in their destiny? I call them serious historic gamblers who put it all at risk.

Enjoy the Fourth! May greater things come of this Nation. Pray for the days to come.

About Ed Frazier

Ed has been involved in media and Internet technologies for over 30 years. He was one of the founding individuals of the Regional Sports Networks that make up Fox Sports. Following Fox sports Frazier was involved in a joint Venture with Coserv Electric in the deployment and creation of advanced fiber networks. Through the CoServ Joint Venture he supplied advanced Internet technologies, for design, development and Internet marketing. Frazier has years of experience in Internet marketing and media, including, pay per click advertising, video streaming, banner advertising, Google adwords, Yahoo, MSN, and other directory and Internet marketing systems including direct e-mail, and user targeting advertising. His interest in Internet technology management for his clients is targeted to insure best practices in Internet marketing and ecommerce. Ed is a graduate of the University of Texas at Arlington. He provides consulting services in the field of Integrated Media. This involves traditional broadcast media and emerging media via satellite and the Internet. He has served on the boards of publicly traded companies, privately held corporation and non-profit organization.

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