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Inspiration: How to Manage Your Money as An Enterpreneur

In this short How To video, we discuss how to manage your money as an entrepreneur. By using our three simple steps, you can easily stay on top of your finances and be on the path to success.

Hosted by Ryan Ferrier, Ryan was part of the Powerset founding team which was eventually acquired by Microsoft. He was also COO of Serious Business, a Facebook app company, that was sold off to Zynga back in 2010.

Inspiration: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at the All Things Digital

The Tablet War heats up

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has puffed out his chest and thumbed his nose at the iPad as Microsoft prepares to do battle with Apple.

Ballmer announced most major PC companies, including Dell, Acer, Samsung, Toshiba, and Sony, have tablets in the pipeline at the company’s annual partner conference in Washington, D.C. All these devices will be running on the Windows 7 operating system.

Hewlett-Packard was not mentioned, as it will be designing a slate device that runs off Palm software.

At the same conference, Microsoft announced that online auction firm eBay Inc, tech services company Fujitsu Ltd and PC maker Dell are among the companies testing Microsoft’s new Windows Azure platform appliance, which lets customers implement Microsoft’s newest “cloud” server technology in its own data centers.

Stocks rally Tuesday

The long holiday weekend has breathed life into the stock market. Stocks have rallied on Tuesday. Investors went after shares hit when indexes down over 15% over the past two months.

Both the Dow and Nasdaq closed at an eight month low on Friday. The Dow Jones was up by 140 points or 1.5%. The Nasdaq composite was up 38 points, about 1.9%.

Gains were broad based, with 29 of 30 Dow shares rising, led by Caterpillar, Chevron, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase, 3M and Wal-Mart Stores.

Progress from banks are helping to drive the recovery. Bank of America was up 2.5% and the KBW bank index was up 2.6%.

Microsoft cancels Kin

After only two months on the shelf, Microsoft has pulled the plug on the Kin smartphone. Rumors are circulating that the company only sold about 500 units.

Initially, Microsoft wanted a cloud-centric phone that could cost less than a Blackberry. The phone would target teens and young adults who didn’t need a high-priced smartphone. In the end, though, Kin’s service cost just as much as any other extended service.

The Kin team will be refocused on developing Windows Phone 7. Verizon will continue selling the Kin units it has in stock. Microsoft has a tablet in the works that will compete with the iPad.

The bottom line: the Kin was not able to compete with the iPhone or Blackberry. The Kin seemed destined to fail. Better sooner than later.

A day in the life of Microsoft

Microsoft has been busy. Just off finding out Apple beat them as the top computer company, Microsoft releases Office 2010. Unfortunately, people seem to be too distracted pre-ordering their iPhone 4 to take notice of the product.

Microsoft intends to spend $80 million on marketing Office 2010. They have quite a mountain to climb. Google Docs is free, and Microsoft offers a free web version of Office. Will $80 million convince people to buy a $280 software product? Or, will they go order an iPhone instead?

Also, Microsoft is drawing attention away from itself with Kinect.

Kinect is Microsoft’s competition with Nintendo’s Wii. It allows you to play a game on your Xbox 360 without controllers. It’s a system that allows for full body play. A gamer stands in front of their Kinect and uses their hands, legs, arms, what have you, to control that action on the screen. Games are a sparse right now, but, with the promise of more to come, Kinect may open up a world that gamers thought only the Wii could offer.

Apple overtakes Microsoft

The apocalypse must be near. Apple has reached a total value of $222 billion.

Microsoft is at $219 billion.

Okay, maybe it’s not the sign of the first seal being broken, but it is pretty momentous. Remember how Apple almost went out of business in the 90’s? What saved the company was the iPod in 2001. It worked with Microsoft-running computers, but really made people take a second look at Apple computers.

In 2007, the iPhone changed the way people looked at touchscreen smart phones.

Now, if I could only figure out what to use an iPad for, I’d be all set.

Microsoft Announces Kin

Microsoft has launched a phone called the Kin that appeals to the younger generation by focusing on social networking. The phone is designed to maximize the ability to connect with friends and share content. The Kin is the first phone to access Microsoft’s Zune music service, as well.

The Kin is supposed to compete with the iPhone, the Google phone, and Blackberry. The phone features a touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. The home screen shows your latest events, text messages, tweets, or shared images amongst friends. The phone works with Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. Anything created on the phone is mirrored on the web in a timeline that is accessible through a web browser. It seems that most smartphones do that already, though.

Does the market for the Kin still exist? It seems as though more of the market is leaning toward smartphones, however, Blackberry is the leader in the business world while the iPhone is the leader amongst consumers. And, it’s not like Apple and Blackberry only have one product. They are always developing an updated product.

When buying a smartphone, one needs to consider their options. The Kin OS will integrate Bing, Zune, and Xbox Live, all Microsoft products. Maybe Google should release a video game console to catch up.

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