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Inspiration: Chris Rodriguez Growth with Facebook Ads, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Chris Rodriguez is the Growth Marketing Manager at Knewton.
In this episode Chris breaks down growth hacking. Then he gives us an awesome trick to get more out of your Facebook Ads. He also goes over how he organically generates growth from both Twitter and LinkedIn. Lastly he drops knowledge on us about infographics and Google Plus.

Inspiration: Justin Roff-Marsh: How A Startup Can Create Their Sales Startegy

Justin Roff-Marsh is the Founder and CEO of Ballistix which is an ‘Outsourced Sales Operations’ service. He has also developed Sales Process Engineering which is detailed in his coming book ‘The Machine’.

In this podcast we go over sales teams and how they are built wrong. How to make sales people team members rather than commission based. If your founder can’t sell your product, no one can sell your product. Also why founders should have an executive assistant.

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