Fake storms, real rain, and how the mad scientist came to life in Abu Dhabi

The mad scientist is about to jump from comics to reality. As part of a secret program to control the weather in the Middle East, scientists working for the United Arab Emirates government artificially created rain.Desert Rain

The $11 million began in July and put steel lampshade-looking ionizers in the desert to produce charged particles. The negatively charged ions rose with the hot air, attracting dust. Moisture then condensed around the dust and eventually produced a rain cloud. A lot of rain clouds.

That’s right, for a measly $11 million, you can begin your diabolical plan for world domination.

China has been trying cloud seeding for years, with varying results. The Abu Dhabi method was successful for 52 days.

No word yet on how tampering with Nature on this level will effect the rest of the world. Call out the soothsayers and summon a costumed crusader.


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